Studio 2000 - Criminal Intent

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Studio 2000
Director: Jan Novak
Release Date: March 2002
Starring Christian Luka, Reno Hacek, Ivan Rohan, Tom Novy, Lukas Kovarik, Leon Simek, Zoli Gethlen and Alan Schiller.


For all you fans of fabulous, foreign faces and foreskins Studio 2000 International delivers another cum-soaked, collage of carnality called Criminal Intent. This simple cock and crime caper is directed by Jan Novak who has a flawless record in delivering to you his ballsy best.

The cast is headed by two new Studio 2000 International exclusives Christian Luka and Reno Hachek. Both are, no surprise, gorgeous. Luka is a tall, lean, buff cutie with dark hair and a cock which squirts never- ending, high-flying, jets of jism. Hachek is a brunet babe with muscles in all the right places, a couple of tattoos, and a hairy bush from which extends the perquisite, prodigious prick.

Filling out the rest of the cast is dark and dreamy Ivan Rohan, blond, long-schlonged Tom Novy, muscleboy Lukas Kovarik, hunky, hirsute Leon Simek, golden-haired muffin Zoli Gethlen, and handsome, hairy Alan Schiller. Each and every one is a prize and each and every one delivers two cum shots just to keep you hard ?n? happy. We must also proudly point out that- due to popular demand- some of these gorgeous guys actually have chest, crotch and butt hair intact. How?s that for revolutionizing the rod and rump!

Christian Luka is taking a train ride to visit a friend. When he arrives at his destination Lukas Kovarik steals his backpack. Luka?s getting his bag back is the heart of the story but the cast getting their rocks off is what is guaranteed to grab you. Alan Schiller meets Luka while naughty thief Kovarik jumps into a cab driven by Reno Hachek. In true Studio 2000 tradition, cagey Kovarik is soon creating a moving violation by blowing horny Hahek in the cab. The scene shifts to a big red sofa in a well-appointed apartment and the two proceed to treat each other to bounteous blowjobs, which lead to both popping puddles of pudding. Kovarik coats Hachek?s chest with his cum which gets Hechek so wound up he rims and rams Kovarik?s rump. This frenetic fuck takes place all over the floor and couch in an ever-changing and eye-opening combination of positions. Of course, they both explode again.

In a large and colorful kitchen across town, hairy, beercan-boned, big-balled Leon Simek is sucking off tall, blond, blue-eyed, missile-dicked Tom Novy atop a stool. The hunks take turns sucking dick, they sixty-nine all over the floor and they nibble nuts. Novy jerks off his juice all over Simek?s chest as Simek releases his batter all over his own belly and bush. In a move that has to be considered a surprise, boyish Novy seizes the role of topman as he plows Simek?s hairy ass on the stool and in a wicker chair. He finally pulls out and drops his dew in Simek?s crack. Simek, in turn, wets the wicker with his release.

The next scene finds Studio 2000 International fave Ivan Rohan and his blond pal Zoli Gethlen visiting a Wax Museum. Finding themselves alone in what appears to be a costume room, these two strip and get down to boner business. Fortunately there is an over-stuffed chaise lounge in the center of the room and the guys take full advantage of all its possibilities. Lots of kissing gets them both steamed up as Gethlen takes to blowing the ravishing Rohan?s rod and licking his nut-sac. The heat gets turned up even more as Gethlen fucks Rohan?s face. In short order, they melt into a simply gorgeous sixty-nine. Rohan sticks his tongue under Gethlen?s considerable foreskin and really goes to town licking knob. Both deliver great lava loads with Rohan?s soaking Gethlen?s pecs. Cum shot aficionados take note of the two distinct styles on view here. Rohan fires long-distance lobs and Gethlen oozes great gobs. Ass is up for grabs but it is Rohan who rises to the occasion. In every position imaginable, he bangs the daylights out of Gethlen all over the chaise causing them to both fire off a second shower of spooge.

The final scene finds sleek, sleepy-eyed Christian Luka, still without his backpack, being served breakfast in bed by Allan Schiller. The handsome Schiller has morning stubble and a fuzzy chest and just cannot resist breaking his own fast by licking lustrous Luka?s love-stick. The favor is returned and Luka proves to be a champion cocksucker, taking every bit of bone right down to the pubes. They sixty-nine over every inch of the bed and Luka face-fucks Schiller by doing athletic and cameragenic push-ups in and out of his mouth. These two hunksters are both hungry and clearly know how to satisfy their instant urges. In a tape full of astonishingly copious cum shots the amount of jizz Luka lets loose is not, we repeat, not to be believed. Schiller follows with almost as much sticky stuff. The oral antics have been the perfect preparation for the anal action which is ass-tounding. Luka?s fuzzy hole is pounded, hither and yon, missionary, doggie, and sidesaddle. This powerful plowing of Luka?s asshole is one of the most amazing erotic invasions you will every feast your eyes upon. When this extraordinary fuck is finished they both blast their batter again ending this truly exhausting sex session. Oh, and by the way, Luka does get his knapsack back.

Every scene in Studio 2000 International?s Criminal Intent is a masterpiece for masturbators. Boasting crisp Videography, director Jan Novak guides his cast of cocky Czech?s through their passionate paces. With exclusives Christian Luka and Reno Hachek at the helm, Criminal Intent is the ultimate Studio 2000 International sensual souffl?f cock, cum and cuties.

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