Stryker Force (1987, Huge Video)

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You might have stumbled on the amazing documentary on Netflix called 'Circus of Books' about a conventional family that happens to run a bookshop that sells gay porn, and the owners end up PRODUCING porn as well. These were really famous at the time as was Jeff Stryker. I think it was a time when porn was suddenly becoming filled with big, smooth bodybuilders, and though Stryker in real life is a short guy, the camera made him look pretty big! And his dick is enormous.

A review up on '' says this: Hissing cobras! Quicksand! Naked savages! The soon-to-be vintage yet classic offering of Stryker Force is one of the most ambitious adult films I’ve ever seen. Jeff Stryker, the demigod of Dynasty-era porn, manages to keep his hair perfectly coiffed as he runs amok through the perilous untamed jungle in search of buried treasure. Despite the danger lurking around every palm tree, Stryker and his "force" find the time to go spelunking in each other’s asscaves. Unfortunately, the sex is lacking in overall intensity. Overdubbed groaning and a ridiculous slow-motion kickboxing scene add to the film’s cheddar feel. Fortunately, all is forgiven each time Stryker graces the screen with his sculpted beauty and studly, straight-boy swagger. If you like your men fair of hair, you’re in luck here - there’s such a profusion of blondes that at times this video feels like you’re watching a sexed-up gay porn version of the Nuremberg Rallies. Dyed-in-the-wool Stryker fanatics and those who like some story with their smut will find themselves having many dates with Rosy Palm and her five sisters - Jeff Stryker, Steve Hammond, Doug Cory, Kevin Williams, Robert Harris, Gavin Jeffrey, Ted Dowell, Jim Pulver

Performers: Doug Cory, Gavin Jeffrey, Jeff Stryker, Jim Pulver, John Farley, Kevin Williams, Steve Hammond, Ted Dowell, Tom Brian, Dennis Tabor, Roger Ramirez, Russ Hemp, Scott Gauthier, Robert Harris

Director: Matt Sterling

There was a version of Stryker Force up here to download but it was in a format that might not be easy for everyone. I think this M4V version is more accessible.
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