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BG East Wrestling Logan Vaughn vs Lane Hartley

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DescriptionLogan Vaughn is brand new to BG East, but the ripped young hunk arrived with a boatload of fans already in his back pocket. Best known for his huge legs and luscious bubble butt, this gay adult entertainment headliner felt that there was more he could be accomplishing with his phenomenal conditioning and bulging muscles than just pounding ass and looking so, so good doing it. Logan is the first to admit that he doesn't know a lot about wrestling except loving it! But what the self-described "superstar" lacks in experience, he plans on making up for with brute force, on-the-job training, and perhaps just a little luck.

Unfortunately for Logan, his luck ran out the moment his opponent showed up. Lane Hartley has been a terror since setting up shop at BG East. He's taken down one opponent after another with his devastating power and top shelf professional wrestling skills. His superhero good looks are a perfect contrast to his supervillain wrestling persona and devastating delivery of punishment. Lane offers no mercy, and he hasn't met a hard-bodied pretty boy yet that he doesn't want to pound into jelly. And Logan Vaughn thinks HIS legs are powerful?! Lane has lost count of how many ribs he's cracked with his hapless opponents caught in the beautiful beartrap he calls his mammoth quads.

There's no denying that Logan is stunningly sexy in his shiny red trunks. Ready for his close-ups, he dazzles with his blond hair, diamond stud earrings and superstar shoulder tattoos. His hairy legs are unquestionably huge, and that made-for-porn ass is picture perfect, squeezed so tightly inside his glitzy, candy-apple red trunks. There's no doubt about it. Logan looks the part of a fierce young wrestling rookie ready for prime time.

Lane, however, isn't convinced. "What do we have here?" he asks when he finds "The Superstar" stretching in the ring. "I hear you think pretty highly of yourself," Lane smirks. Unperturbed, Logan admits that he does, indeed, think quite highly of himself. "Well, there's an order of things here, and I'm top dog in these parts," Lane explains. "And it's just a little bit aggravating when a fresh blood rookie calls himself as a superstar."

Cute but clueless Logan just smirks and flexes his big biceps in Luscious Lane's face. Lane offers a sportsmanly handshake, which the naive rookie accepts without question. However, a kick to the gut is the only "welcome" he's going to get from Lane, followed by a breathtakingly brutal choke slam. "You think you're all that?" Lane spits in the rookie's beet red face. "Your pretty face, your stupid blond hair? I hate it already!""You really think you can hang with my talent, huh?" Lane Hartley demands as he pries and rips at Logan Vaughn's knee in a viciously applied leglock. The only answer the rookie can offer is a plaintive wail of agony. Even the mightiest of muscleboys can be brought to near tears when his knee is being wrenched mercilessly. "Embarrassing!" Lane spits furiously, heaping on more torture by adding a muscle ripping pec claw to the rookie's predicament. The louder The Superstar wails, the more furious Lane grows.

Lane dishes up the rookie's luscious body like a master chef, one hot hold after another designed with the dual purpose of torturing Logan and presenting his beautiful, wrecked physique for your enjoyment. Trapped in the ropes, Logan writhes as the beautiful beast threatens to rip his shoulder apart. Thrown to the mat again, The Superstar screams as his tormentor plants both boots in the small of his back and stands there, all 215 pounds of him bearing down on the rookie's spine. "Sure, try to crawl away," Lane chuckles as his opponent claws at the mat like a stuck bug. "Go for it!" the sadistic pro taunts, grinding the heels of his boots deep into his trampled opponent's crushed back.

Lane unleashes every high impact, muscle-ripping, bone-crunching maneuver known to pro wrestling. He drives Logan to near-panic in an over-the-knee backbreaker with his elbow digging into the hunk's gut. He tosses the rookie through the ropes and smashes that pretty face into the wall. Backed into a corner with his legs draped over the middle ropes, Logan can only watch in horror as Lane takes aim, winds up, and place kicks the adult entertainment superstar over and over in the balls. But here's the thing. Although Lane offers him the opportunity to submit at every turn, the deceptively tough, bleach blond pretty boy resolutely and repeatedly refuses. Sure, Logan may be in way over his head, but no one is more surprised than Lane to discover just how much suffering this gym-bunny adult film star can suck down and keep coming back for more!

"They said you had strong legs," Lane notes, clamping down on a yet another tendon-ripping leglock. "At least, that was the rumor." Nearly twisting the rookie's lower leg completely around, the pro wrestler wrings more quivering, anguished cries out of the hunky newbie. "I get the same reaction from everybody," Lane muses. "Oh yeah, they all LOOK good but then nobody wants to play! They all just end up doing a lot of screaming and begging and kicking and squealing. Well, I ain't done playing so man up, you bitch!"

Suddenly, just as Lane is pinning the dazed rookie to the mat, Logan mule-kicks the 215 pound slab of beef off of him, literally lifting Lane into the air and flinging him into the corner. "Who you callin' bitch?!? And is that all you got, bitch!?" Logan snarls. As if Lane Hartley needed more reason to unleash on a would-be rookie Superstar!? This hunkbash isn't over until somebody pleads, screams, and squeals not only the words, "I submit" but also acknowledges, loudly and clearly, with no uncertainty or contradiction, "I'm the bitch!" A spectacular main event debut on a hot as hell Hunkbash!
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