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DescriptionHere’s a little bit of fluff, perfect for lazy Saturday day. Steam Room Stories is a weekly web series, where hot men in towels discuss various topics while enjoying a relaxing steam room session. Think “The View” meets “SNL” meets “PG Gay Porn”. “If you’re hot, sticky and wet, you’re in the steam room…” Join Hunter, David, Josh, Brad, and Ross as they make fun of everything from Bieber, gay underwear, Obama’s healthcare, gay porn stars and more

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1 Steam Room Stories.mp4 9.53 MB
80s are Back.mp4 25.30 MB
A not gay Halloween.mp4 73.06 MB
A Scruffy Celebrity.mp4 75.18 MB
A Sneak Peek.mp4 21.66 MB
Ashton Kutcher Audition.mp4 10.97 MB
Back on Youtube!.mp4 38.11 MB
Ball Slip.mp4 34.99 MB
Best Gay Pick Up Lines.mp4 15.23 MB
Best Halloween Costume.mp4 28.75 MB
Best Views in the Gym.mp4 49.46 MB
Bisexual Power.mp4 31.07 MB
Blowing Up.mp4 23.34 MB
Boy Bunnies.mp4 17.20 MB
Celebrity Sex Encounters.mp4 16.11 MB
Christmas in the Steam Room.mp4 16.30 MB
Cock Names.mp4 27.81 MB
ComicCon comic convention.mp4 22.62 MB
Coming Soon.mp4 27.47 MB
Crossfit vs Powerlifting.mp4 47.96 MB
Cut or Uncut.mp4 33.02 MB
Damn hipsters - 100th episode.mp4 80.15 MB
Do I see a Nut.mp4 34.82 MB
Donna the Dominatrix.mp4 25.86 MB
Drunk at Christmas.mp4 14.36 MB
Dudes Straight Guys Go Gay For.mp4 70.24 MB
eCupid and IS IT JUST ME.mp4 11.54 MB
Ethnic Stereotypes.mp4 29.78 MB
Everyone is Gay.mp4 15.89 MB
Explode!.mp4 46.22 MB
Facebook pictures.mp4 24.52 MB
Gay Birthday.mp4 20.50 MB
Gay Chicken.mp4 23.65 MB
Gay Date #1.mp4 18.34 MB
Gay Date #2.mp4 12.43 MB
Gay Kiss.mp4 31.78 MB
Gay or Straight.mp4 14.72 MB
Gaydar List.mp4 55.33 MB
Getting Some Ass.mp4 32.82 MB
Girl, Guy, Cat & Can of Whipped Cream.mp4 31.09 MB
Give your Girlfriend a Hand.mp4 43.33 MB
Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.mp4 30.22 MB
Guys who Swallow Loads of Protein.mp4 48.33 MB
Gym Commandments.mp4 33.01 MB
Happy Birthday from Steam Room Stories.mp4 22.19 MB
Happy Birthday to you from Steam Room Stories.mp4 16.56 MB
Happy Ending.mp4 26.52 MB
Hot Guys are the most Insecure.mp4 37.18 MB
I Don't Think It's Gay.mp4 22.84 MB
Is It Gay Too.mp4 17.58 MB
Is it Gay.mp4 28.82 MB
Is It Just Me.mp4 21.06 MB
Is That Yours.mp4 19.47 MB
Justin Bieber vs. Miley Cyrus.mp4 19.41 MB
Justin Bieber's Disguise.mp4 12.04 MB
Last Texting.mp4 32.23 MB
Man Love on Valentines.mp4 44.18 MB
Masturbation Tips.mp4 58.28 MB
Meeting Normal Guys.mp4 28.97 MB
Merry Christmas.mp4 26.70 MB
Mob Connections.mp4 14.20 MB
More SRS at Steam Room Stories.mp4 15.03 MB
My Gay Best Friend.mp4 16.60 MB
My Penis's Name.mp4 27.80 MB
New Horoscope Signs.mp4 16.29 MB
Not So Good Fortune Teller.mp4 60.45 MB
Not so MAGIC MIKE.mp4 28.17 MB
Obama's Health Plan.mp4 15.36 MB
Otters, Cubs and Bears, Oh My!.mp4 66.54 MB
Peen or Poon in the Steam Room.mp4 67.46 MB
Peeping Tom.mp4 24.52 MB
Piss Shy.mp4 9.99 MB
Pornstache Rides.mp4 54.88 MB
Pussy Whipped.mp4 45.29 MB
Rent Boys.mp4 7.04 MB
Sex With Older Women.mp4 87.69 MB
Sex with Siri.mp4 24.18 MB
Shirtless Singing.mp4 49.38 MB
Single on Valentines Day.mp4 31.67 MB
SRS LIVE with Miss Richfield 1981 comedy week special.mp4 31.73 MB
Straight advice for gay Marriage.mp4 87.00 MB
Straight Guys who Gay Flirt.mp4 16.18 MB
Stuffed in the Steamroom.mp4 23.28 MB
The 9-inch Italian.mp4 10.33 MB
The Boner.mp4 7.26 MB
The Easter Bunny.mp4 21.81 MB
The Gay Hankie Code.mp4 22.68 MB
The Gay Times of the Steam Room.mp4 40.73 MB
The Gayest Underwear.mp4 11.99 MB
The Grudge.mp4 34.75 MB
The Virgin.mp4 73.21 MB
Tom Cruise's Gay 1 Liners.mp4 15.25 MB
Tom Daley & Gay Face.mp4 21.62 MB
Touch Yourself.mp4 34.02 MB
Trixie in the Steam Room.mp4 50.77 MB
TruthCommenting - on Videos.mp4 55.98 MB
Turning Gay.mp4 49.78 MB
Twerking it.mp4 42.65 MB
Twink in the Steam Room.mp4 28.86 MB
Watch This.mp4 17.70 MB
What is so great about Vaginas.mp4 37.24 MB
What Turns Women On.mp4 27.07 MB
What's your Sexual Fetish.mp4 56.47 MB
Where have you Been.mp4 31.52 MB
Where The Boys Are.mp4 65.05 MB
Worst Gay Pick Up Lines.mp4 25.72 MB
Your Buds Baloney.mp4 39.72 MB

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