♺ Young Warriors [Natural Wonders-YMAC]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-04-11 |
Last Christmas I got a movie on line for my roommate and my lousy good-for-nothing ISP was freezing on the download.
(Hint: It starts with a "Q" and the former CEO is now in a penitentiary with a new boyfriend named "Bubba"!)

I felt terrible and he felt bad for me because I tried so hard (and he wanted the movie too!) so his solution was to give me the money it took to get it and go to a friend's house who had a much better ISP to get it without a problem.

I never felt right about it and always wanted to make up for it.

That time finally came and one that we both like from a cherished studio of our youth became available.

I had the money to do it and wasted no time getting it, at the better ISP of course.

After we all enjoyed the burn (and he'll have it to watch as often as he likes too), he said go a ahead and share this with my online friends.

That's his nature and it's why we have been roommate for time pushing a decade now.

So this is not really a gift from me, but from him to all of you.

May you enjoy this holiday present, a little late in early spring.

Info below, trailer included in the download (My own creation), movie data in the NFO file (for the techies!)



Young Warriors [Natural Wonders-YMAC]



"There was only one way in. There was no way out..."

Secret initiations, hot sex, and hard action are the mottos of this underworld Latino street gang.

Young men living out their anger and passion in a world gone wrong. An adventurous feature loaded with tuff XXX-action.

Stars: Tony Alverez, Danny Bliss, Buck Davis, James Enriques, Kiko Maestas, Rico Moreno, Angel Rivera, Bobby Rivers, Darryl Weld, Kevin Young

Director: Angel Rivera

Released: 1988


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