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Ty Hudson, a corrupt landowner takes guys off the street and puts them to work on the ranch that he and his son (Riley Scott) own. His idea of work is to use and abuse these hot ethnic studs. His son sees things differently, which causes conflict between he and dear old dad. Don't think that these chocolate and caramel skinned hunks don't have Mr.. Hudson's number....they are playing him for all that he is worth!brbr Rascal exclusive Luca DiCorso is delivering a package to the owner of the house. Sexy stud Kamrun answers the door plays a trick on Luca, making him think that he is the owner! The two men are so hot for each other that they get it on right on the front porch! Big black cock up a hairy tight hole, and just for fun, Luca takes a stab at Kamrun's hot bubble ass!brbr In scene two, Mr.. Hudson is pushing his weight around again, and muscleman Brian Bodine and Latin cutie Dominic Pacifico think of the perfect plan to get back at him. But...first things first...and that's each other's magnificent cocks, and these boys know how to work it...right!brbr Riley is tipped off to dad's dastardly deeds and catches him in the act of being double teamed by horse hung stallions Tiger and Jake Samms in the stables!brbr After putting dad in his place, Riley gets to be with the one that he really loves, the hunky Brock Webster. Their lust for each other explodes as the explore each other's sweaty bodies.brbr These diverse studs will show you what it is like to be 'color blind'
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