white peaks

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DescriptionAltogether now:
The hills are alive with the sound of fucking!
With butts we have tongued... for a thousand years!
It’s another Ikarus/YMAC “big and little guys” film set in Switzerland. Guess director Haller had access to the camcorder for a few more days after shooting Alpine Passions, so waste not want not.
The music is very oompah-oompah (stick it up your jumper!) and after a while it gets so annoying it’ll strip the enamel from your teeth. Never mind, we’re on a choo-choo and the rhythmic clickety-clack of the tracks and the shaking (I’m gonna be sick) enflame the passions of Love and Dominick.
The two suck each other as the train heads in and out of tunnels, leading to some very cool night/day lighting, before the two abandon the train altogether and get naked in a nearby shed. I’m supposing it’s where the Swiss hid during World War II - it’s big and out of the way. After more mutual masturbation Love rubbers up and takes cover model Dominick anally. Soon our two foreskinned frankfurters are spraying kiddie-batter everywhere.
Cast:  Dominik, Johnny Weiss, Jason D., Kevin Love, Locust, Chris Braun, Joel Morand, Florian Peck, Pascal, Joe Pepper 
Country:  Switzerland
Length: 1 hr 52 min
Year: 2001
Studio :  Ikarus Entertainment

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