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James Nichols 8 Video Pack

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DescriptionBeautiful James Nichols on display in 8 videos. (Unfortunately low-res compared to current video but stll highly memorable)

Str8 hunk James works out
39 Minute Video - Fri 2nd Jun 2006 235mb
This video is long awaited, James shows his cheeky lad side in this shoot, beginning with some naked press ups before showing us his beautifully toned body and its not long until his cock is out and as hard as steel!! He gets a quick blow job and out comes the butt plug and with a little teasing around his ass hole up it goes and his knob is solid as a rock! There it stays for the rest of the shootÂ… He wanks until he cant hold back anymore gushing lovely creamy spunk all over his abs, chest and over his shoulder! That butt plug sure does get to this str8 lad! 

Str8 PT James bath time!
29 Minute Video - Fri 15th Dec 2006 175mb
James, one of the sites favourite str8 models is back for a new video. Starting in the bathroom with a piss he then tells us his top fitness tips for staying in shape. James strips down to nothing has a little play and up pops that massive uncut meat! He jumps in the bath and plays around with bubbles and his throbbing cock! James pulls out a favourite toy and gets in stuffed str8 in his tight little hole! Its amazing how hard he gets when there are toys in his ass and this one is massive and it goes right in about 8 inches! All this bum play and he stands up next to the mirrors and wanks off and squirts a massive load of juicy goo all down the mirrorÂ… Great double shoot!

Str8 James & the new toy
28 Minute Video - Fri 23rd Feb 2007 171mb
James is back, this time in his painting overalls and he doesnÂ’t have much underneath them! As ever he is full of energy and teases us as he gives glimpses of his body below his overallsÂ… and there is one big and hard treat bursting to get out. James can never contain his uncut meat as the minute the camera is turned on, so is he and his cock just grows all solid. The leather seats have the pleasure of JamesÂ’s naked butt as he wanks in a whole variety of positions and its not long before his legs are pulled up and a big old strap on is pushing into his hole! Then the chain reaction begins and he starts shooting cum all over the place, on his face on the chair and on the wall behind himÂ… another James classic!

James all tied up
27 Minute Video - Sun 15th Apr 2007 165mb
JamesÂ’ latest video sees him all tied up and a bulge in his shorts that he cant deal with! He sits down and gets released from those tight little briefs, his cock is real hard and gagging for some attention! James likes the idea of being vulnerable and it just seems to make him even more aroused! He gets a blow job and there is lots of pre-cum flowing in this shoot. James gets his hand free for a little bit before he gets bent over the stool and has his ass slapped! His cock is ready to burst and he gusher cum all over the place, round his neck and all over his chest! Another very aroused str8 lad!

Fred plugs James
30 Minute Video - Fri 1st Jun 2007 187mb
James is back this time with FredÂ… Fred is excited at the chance to play with James and James is excited that someone wants to play with him! ItÂ’s a fun shoot where Fred shows James his expert oral technique! Fred is soon showing fingers up JamesÂ’ ass and as normal James reacts with a big stiff one! The lads both wank off each other and Fred introduces a toy into JamesÂ’ ass. Then he discovers what happens if you do it too vigorously, James shoot buckets of cum! Seeing James cum Fred is quick to shoot his own load.

Str8 hunk James & Matt
34 Minute Video - Fri 29th Jun 2007 203mb
The photo set with these two lads has proved very popular and the video just gets hotter! Matt strips James and sucks him and then str8 boy James pulls down MattÂ’s pants and starts to wank him! There is loads of great oral and Matt is so turned on his cock stays rock hard. James also suffering from over hard cock syndrome goes weak at the knees when Matt rims and tongues his juicy hole. Both lads are having great fun and so its not long before James, being wanked and blown by Matt shoots a big load up MattÂ’s chest. Matt then blows his own jism all over the place.

Str8 PT James gets it
43 Minute Video - Fri 4th Nov 2005 210mb
James is a fit bodied str8 lad doing his first ever erotic shoot. He is slightly nervous when he gets stripped down and rubbed in oil, then as his speedos get pulled down his dick starts to grow and without being touched suddenly rears up full and hard! James wanks off in a load of positions sharing his stories including fucking a girl with his brother! He also gets his first ever blow job from a man, during which his dick just gets harder! James is very aroused and drowns himself in one of the largest loads of cum of any models on the site! Non on his abs, its all shot over his shoulders and chest!

James & Kev play
40 Minute Video - Fri 3rd Feb 2006 247mb
James is str8 and this is his first time messing with another lad and Kev is the lucky lad! The two guys strip down and take a shower and are soon rubbing shower gel all over each other! Its not so long before there are two hard cock and James is just enjoying playing with his first cock! Kev drops to his knees and gives him a blow jobÂ… James is just so hard! Back in the bedroom the lads wank each other off and Kev suck some more str8 ladÂ… James is really horny and when Kev goes near his ass his legs spread and KevÂ’s finger is soon up JamesÂ’s ass whose cock is even harder! The lads have a great time and James shoots his load all over Kev who soon gushes his own loadÂ… wow so much cum!


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