♺ [Bad Master Boys] The Useless Houseslave

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Original upload: 2014-12-23 |
Master Domi comes back home from playing sport. He doesn't get past the hallway before he takes off his i sweat-soaked shirt. He's looking forward to spending the evening chilling. But then he notices what a bad job his houseslave has done in tidying up his flat. The kitchen look particularly sordid. Master Domi is totally pissed off. Now his useless cleaner is in for a juicy beating. A collar and lead are attached to the slave. He has to take a number of slaps to the face and then has to lie down on the floor so that the Master can sit down on him. Domi sits down on his victim's chest, scowls at him and gobs him right in the face. Them as Master Domi punishes his houseslave, a leather belt comes into play. After that, he starts to chill . Domi has his slave lick his trainers clean and then suck the nasty smell from out of his sweat-soaked socks. To round things off, the slave's tongue is allowed to make the acquaintance of his Lord's bare feet. All the while , his arse is still in pain from the beating he has received. But the slave is grateful and thankful that he is allowed to feel his lord's feet in his face.
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