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Jeremy Stevens is one hot muscle stud. He is just one of those guys that comes off completely endearing, from his sparkling personality to his huge pink dick. New-cummer Paul is no slouch and looks amazing with his bad boy look and a rocking body covered in tattoos.

Big and sexy Paul did something dumb at his wrestling practice and pinched something in his shoulder. Lucky for him, Jeremy knows a thing or two about rubbing down another guy! Jeremy pulls off Paul’s shirt to get a closer look at the strain, and starts digging in deep right away. Jeremy finds something he doesn’t like (I’m guessing it is that Paul still has half his clothes on) and gets Paul to stretch out and get lubed up for a rub down. Jeremy is such a pro on so many levels. He knows exactly what he is doing, he also knows that with massage oil’s tendency to get everywhere, he should take his own shirt off as well. Jeremy rubs the tightness out of big boy Paul and works his way down south. He oils up those big buns and pays a little special attention to Paul’s pink hole with his tongue. Using some of his own special lube, Jeremy gets knuckle deep in Paul’s hairy hole. You can tell by the growing lump in Jeremy’s pants that this massage is about to go to another level. Jeremy goes in for one last pucker slurp and pulls his cock out. His raging boner points true north to Paul’s quivering ass. Paul braces himself for penetration as Jeremy expertly glides his long thick shaft out of sight. Jeremy loosens up Paul’s virgin hole with every thrust of his cock. Paul moans and bites his pillow all the time inching toward his backdoor intruder. The muscle bound boys turn to missionary as Jeremy’s knees begin to quake and his dick craves another angle of Paul’s insides. Deeper into Paul’s ass sinks Jeremy’s loaded cock. He punishes the bejesus out of Paul until he pulls out to release his bright white river of semen. Paul launches his triple shot six inches in the air before it spatters on his six pack.

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