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It's here the no nonsense, slightly wacked President Reiger uses dick and the hard cocks of his handsome, and hugely hung, cadet officers to teach the underclassmen how to take it like a man.

Produced By: Centaur Films
Directed  By: Chip Daniels
Length: 120 minutes


    * Chad Johnson
    * Sean Storm
    * Dolf Donovich
    * Peter Rascek
    * George Fleece
    * Ryan Reed
    * Clint Fox
    * Jeremy Brooks
    * Bryan Score
    * Tuck Johnson

You'll feel the blood stir in your cock as you watch Director Chip Daniels' MAN ACADEMY, a two hour fuckfest featuring 10 hunky and hung guys in 8 complete sex scenes. Young asses writhe in pain and pleasure as they are pushed to their limits, and beyond, with one young cadet even enduring the ultimate punishment of a leather strap, calloused hands, and a gargantuan fuck rod. Share sweet lustful abandon as fingers, tongues, butt plugs, dildos and big thick hard dicks plunge into these eager cadets' tight virgin assholes and plug their cock-hungry throats. From the barracks initiation to the final ceremony watch two-ways, three-ways, four-ways and a five-way orgy of hard sucking, extended butt play, dildoing and assfucking in this two hour epic passage of manhood featuring 24 cum shots by 10 of the hottest men on the planet.

MAN ACADEMY is a school like no other. It's here the no-nonsense, slightly wacked, President Reiger, played by legendary porn superstar Chad Johnson, uses his 11'' dick and the hard cocks of his handsome, and hugely hung, cadet officers to teach the underclassmen how to take it like a man. And boy do they love it. Our story begins with the arrival of green cadet Jason Barnes, played by newcomer, Sean Storm, the boy next store type with a butt to drool over. He's a queer boy sent by his folks to the MAN ACADEMY in hopes they can make a man out of him. It's a day in the life at the MAN ACADEMY and Cadet Barnes' first day. As he is unpacking Junior Officer Will Hanson, played by Canadian newcomer Dolf Donovich, a blond haired blue eyed, gym toned, nasty marine type, instructs him to change into his uniform. While changing, in walks Barnes' new roommate, Upperclassman Bart Hughes, played by Peter Rascek, a swarthy dark haired Czech body builder with a huge uncut 10'' dick, which he immediately begins stroking, soon ordering the distracted Barnes to service him. Next ensues a great suck fuck sexploit which drips lust and sweat right off the screen. Watching young Barnes attempt to swallow Hughes' swollen 7'' around thick dick and choking is just the beginning. Hughes systematically sucks, licks, fingers, stretches open and fucks every part of the new cadet until they explode in gobs of sticky guy juice. Immediately afterwards, Hanson is back in to tell Cadet Barnes to report to President Reiger for his intake.

Meanwhile, outside in the academy swimming pool, Officer Joe Campanata, played by George Fleece, our six foot tall, lanky Grecian hunk, is putting Cadet Reed, played by new Centaur discovery Ryan Reed, a nasty, young, smooth skinned, blonde haired sex pig, through swimming drills. Instruction quickly turns to sexual exploration poolside between the two. No sooner do they get busy licking and slurping one another than Cadet Barnes secretly begins watching the twosome while jacking off through a nearby glass door. Decadent Barnes' lust sends him over the edge once again and he gushes forth a huge geyser of cock milk when he sees Campanata observing him. Barnes quickly beats a retreat and Campanata moves the twosomes' action indoors where they both fuck each other into ecstasy, with Campanata even shooting twice.

At the same time, underclassman Scott Banks, played by another porn neophyte, slim, smooth, boyish, crew cut Clint Fox, having repeatedly failed room inspection is reporting to President Reiger for disciplinary action. Reiger orders him to strip and soon we see nothing but a jock strap protecting his milky white buns. Reiger rises with his giant hard, thick cock in one hand and a leather strap in the other. He orders Banks over his knee and proceeds to turn those white buns to rosy pink as Banks howls for relief. Reiger switches from the strap to his hand so that with each stroke he can feel the burning flesh and the soft rosebud between those tinkling cheeks. Bringing Banks to tears and to his feet Reiger asks him to choose between a 12'' dildo and Reiger's thick, hard cock. Wisely, Banks chooses the cock, which is soon thrust down his throat and later rammed into his asshole as with each thrust Banks alternately begs for more and, with a whimper, promises never to fail room inspection again. Banks' pain is relieved as he shoots his load, followed soon by the copious flow of cum from President Reiger's cock.

Reiger sends Banks on his way as his next charge, the newly arrived Cadet Barnes, arrives shirtless for his interview. Reiger wastes no time waiving his still hard, huge dick in Barnes face and ordering him to the top of his desk. There he pulls down Barnes' fatigue trousers exposing his young ass and hole. Reiger takes a large butt plug from his bag of tricks and proceeds to thrust into Barnes' upturned ass while Barnes grimaces from the pain. Barnes is ordered to clean Reiger's messy office while keeping the butt plug implanted in his ass, perhaps a reminder of things to come.

No sooner does Reiger leave, than Barnes, now turned on by the assplay, removes the butt plug and fingers himself until his ass lips gape like a hungry mouth. He finds Reiger's bag of toys and, while sucking on Reiger's left behind shorts, he imagines it's Reiger's dick in his butt, and proceeds to insert one dildo after another until he's riding the 10'' model, shooting his juice all over Reiger's desk.

While Barnes continues to "clean" Reiger's office, Upperclassmen Hughes and Hanson are working out in the gym. Soon Cadet Banks arrives for his wrestling training. Examining the slightly built Banks, Hanson decides to have some fun. A coin flip determines Banks will start the wrestling from the bottom man position and since it's tails, he's to strip to his jock, exposing his tail. It doesn't take long for the more experienced Hanson to pin Banks' shoulders from where he shoves his hard dick into Bank's waiting mouth and Hughes quickly goes to the other end to unleash the rest of Banks' equipment. A three-way follows as Banks' mouth and asshole are repeatedly filled with the hard dicks of the two upperclassmen until all three shoot their cum on Banks' belly.

Cadet Barnes is still at work and play in Reiger's office, finding an even bigger dildo for his hungry asshole. He's now moved over to the couch, and having thrust the 12'' model far up his ass it isn't long before he again shoots his thick cum, this time into his own mouth, which he greedily gobbles up.

Later that evening, Reiger is in the infamous ceremony room where underclassmen take the test to become upperclassmen. It's there that Cadet Brooks, played by the smooth, gym toned, versatile Jeremy Brooks, and Cadet Reed, are given their final test by Upperclassman Bryan Hanley, played by yet another new discovery, handsome, dark haired, top man, Bryan Score. After stripping the two underclassmen, Reiger turns the ceremony over to Hanley, who has them both service him while he alternately sucks their dicks and rims their assholes. Then he commands both to present their holes for deep inspection by two handled dildos. After thrusting the dildos deep in their twitching buttholes he commands them to squat on super thick, jumbo, hole stretching dildos. Wincing and moaning as the dildos stretch wide their tender holes to the limit, they succeed in passing their test, and finally all three jack and spew their salty semen all over the floor.

Back in President Reiger's office, Cadet Barnes has just finished his cleaning when Upperclassman Adam Farrow, played by the smooth, muscular, super-hung stud, Tuck Johnson, shows up to inspect his job. It isn't long before Barnes is inspecting Farrow's hard dick, first with his mouth and then with his ass. The two 69 on Reiger's desk as Johnson's hole winks at the camera foretelling things to come. This is very possibly the hottest two-way Gay sex of the year. The intensity, attraction and pure manimal lust these two exhibit is raw, real and randy, sure to please you over and over and over. Classic guy sex the way we fantasize all our encounters should be. There's plenty of just what you want; kissing, deep thrusting, slick cock tonguing, delicious ass rimming, hugging, squeezing, and deep painful, pleasurable butt fucking sex. It ends with both young men splashing and dripping their passions on Reiger's desk and papers, but who the fuck cares, right?

For the final scene, its back to the ceremony room, where Brooks and Reed have passed their test and are free to make love to fellow officers Hanley, Campanata and Hanson as equals. It's a five-way orgy scene of sucking and fucking in a myriad of sexual tableaus until all shoot their relief. Join us to see if you have what it takes to graduate from the MAN ACADEMY!

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