RedHotStraightBoys [RHSB] - Defilling Chris

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Chris is a hot straight boy with a firm, round butt. He looks much younger than his 22 years, and has had virtually no sexual experiences. He has only had sex with one girl and only one time. She didn't even go down on him. That was the only sexual experience he had had with another person before doing videos for us.

In this video, you'll see Chris anally penetrated for the first time. Tom fucks Chris long and hard with a chrome vibrator. Chris was nervous going into this video. Given that and the fact that Chris had never been penetrated before, Tom starts slowly by fingering Chris. He works his way deeper until he feels Chris loosening up, and then starts in with the vibrator. Before long, Tom is pushing the vibrator in and out vigorously and quickly.

Chris gives himself over to the experience and does not object as Tom goes faster and deeper. The vibrator demands Chris' full attention, and he gives it. While this is the first time he's engaged in any butt-play, we don't think it will be the last. After the cameras were off, he told Tom it felt good.
2023-05-21 01:19:19
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