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Elder Foster - Disciplinary Action-720-HD

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DescriptionElder Foster arrived early for his meeting with Patriarch Smith. Being late for his disciplinary action seemed like a bad idea.

But there was something else driving him. Elder Foster was told the disciplinary action involved him getting spanked. He imagined the patriarch would tell him to drop his pants. Or maybe the patriarch would grab him and remove his clothes.

Either way, he knew the Patriarch was going to lay him over his lap with his ass exposed and vulnerable.

He knew this, but despite this fact (or maybe because of it?), his dick would swell and his balls ache for release at just the thought of it.

Everything he had experienced up until this point at the hands of the brethren, even the scary sounding things, had been incredibly erotic.

And nothing was scary until the brethren convened and invited him to a "disciplinary council."

It was during this meeting of priesthood leaders that the brethren of The Order had explained to Elder Foster the steps required for ordination to the higher priesthood, including the need for ritualized punishment.

At one point, one of the brethren read the following out loud:

And it was said: 'my son is young, inexperienced and tender, and he has been chosen to hold the exceedingly magnificent priesthood. Therefore he should be prepared, cleansed by the rod, that his loins may receive my seed.'

So it was that the men of old diligently prepared their sons to receive the priesthood.

After that, the men explained the remaining steps of ceremonial priesthood preparation, and brought the priesthood stretcher into the room.

Foster's clothes were removed, and following their instructions he proceeded to the first peg of the priesthood stretcher.

Thinking about what happened makes him hard and leak precum onto the front of his pants.

He hovered, lining up the peg's tip so he could just barely feel it press against his hole. The flush feeling in his ass was hot and the contact was pleasurable, but the stark temperature difference between himself and the peg made the sensation much more enjoyable.

He mentally prepared himself to be penetrated each time. He would take a deep breath and then slowly force his own asshole onto each of the progressively larger dildos.

Each time, his hole stretched wide and an involuntary moan escaped his lips. The two older men Patriarch Smith and President Wilcox watched the boy's progress with approval.

Elder Foster was determined to complete his Priesthood Preparatory ceremony even if his little hole couldn't take it, and the men knew that.

As Elder Foster's puckering rosebud slid past the head's ridge, waves of pleasure and pain rushed through him and he instinctively recoiled from the intensity while letting out a loud cry.

Allowing no time for recovery, again he tried to lower himself fully onto the peg and again he withdrew. His cute sounds of whimpering both concerned the two leaders, but also aroused them when they thought about penetrating him with their own thick and stiffening cocks.

Letting out another soft whimper, Elder Foster attempted once more to bury the second to last peg completely in his ass while Patriarch Smith sensually massaged his inner thighs and boyish dick.

The Patriarch's own stiff cock was obvious beneath his trousers and with each puppy-like moan it pulsed in anticipation. He knew his chance to fuck the boy was coming.

A final fitful moan escaped his lips and the defeated boy hunched forward. "I can't go any farther," Elder Foster whimpered shamefully while lowering his head in disappointment. He hadn't made it all the way, but the men were far from disappointed.

They now would have their way with him.

A few days later, his time for ritualized spanking has come. He walks into the Patriarch's office and is greeted by the ruggedly handsome Patriarch Smith.

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