WH Dima VS Honza

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DescriptionDima Kokes and Honza Forst are two very good looking guys. We invited them in for a nude submission wrestling shoot. Dima, in particular, has a great body and we first see the guys stretching, and then warming up. They then help each other with more stretches before getting on with the match. The first round is a fast and furious flurry of activity, as they get to grips with each other, struggling to gain an advantage. Honza comes out on top in the round, eventually and then they remove their underwear for the start of the second round. It is another very hard-fought round, with each seeming to be on top,but without actually winning, until Dima eventually forces a submission from Honza. As they continue there is much breathlessness, with their cocks flapping around with the various movements as they grapple. Dima wins round three, with much effort. Honza then, with supreme effort wins the next two rounds, to lead 3-2. Honza is on a roll and seems to have the measure of Dima. He quickly wins the next 5 rounds to lead 8-2 and then they take a break, while they oil each other's bodies. Then it is back to the wrestling. Honza continues with his winning ways and soon completes the victory, winning the next 2 rounds. Although Dima gave his best he wasn't a match for Honza, whoh wins by 10-2. Then the guys settle down for a wank off. As they get their cocks hard they take a quick turn at wanking each other and then Honza wins the wank off as well, shooting his creamy load over the wrestling mats. Then it is off to the shower to wash all that sweat and oil off.
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