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[BG East] Squared Circle 4 - Ball-Bustin Bash

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A deer caught in the headlights! Only this one seems to be gagging for it! Dino steps through the ropes, very hard and very horny and doesn't wait for the BBW to conclude his usual pre-match ritual. Our hapless hero grabs the leather harness and attempts to make the BBW suffer. The BBW is clearly not amused but doesn't seem all that concerned either. Dino is more like an annoying fly. BBW allows Dino to try his best. And when his patience finally runs out, a headbutt to the balls swats Dino down. It's just the beginning of a variety of ball-bashing, body-destroying moves aimed right at that growing target in the blue trunks. BBW is clearly 'up' for the task at hand, fully filling out his b&w trunks as Dino more than meets him for that challenge. Soon they are both buck naked. A feast of butt slapping, armpit worship, spectacular backbreakers, suffocation, gut busting, hanging full nelson, a one-handed hangman. It's total torture, muscle worship, BBW servicing and oil! But in an ironic twist of fate, Dino ends up force-feeding the BBW!!! Both shoot big loads and in very unusual ways. Amazing!!

2012-02-28 22:45:24
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