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the cockyboys site only goes as far back as june 2008 on their list of movies, but there were about 85 other ones going back to july 2007, here are some of those...


FILL OUT THAT JOCK. I met Alberto at MJ’s audition call backs (see MJ’s profile). Alberto was sitting next to me in the waiting area. You can’t miss him – Latin (says he Colombian), ripped chest and incredibly fucking hot shoulders. He was going through his duffle bag and his jerk-off toy fell out. I asked him if he used it a lot, and he said sometimes four times a day. I imagined his shoulders flexing as he stroked his cock, and his stomach contracting as he blew his load. I got hard on the spot, and asked if I could watch him jerk it. Here’s the thing - most straight boys are exhibitionists – especially if they have big dicks. They affirm their masculinity by showing the world – especially other guys – that they are packing big tools and aren’t afraid to use em (I never showed him my cock – so he can think that if he wants haha). Something about the idea turned him on. He finally he agreed and we met back that night at the warehouse where the auditions were held and shot this solo. It’s a seriously hot jerk off scene as this boxer shows the world who’s packing a ‘punch’. And if jock straps turn you on, grab a towel. Check it.

STARRING: Derrick Vinyard and Christian Cox
Derrick Vinyard likes twinks, hardcore fucking, and showing off. He invited Cox to his house for a pool party. At the party Vinyard started talking about how he had fucked the kid who planned the party. Cox started really getting into the story, and had a hard on tenting his board shorts. Vinyard loves to role play, and turns to Cox and says, “Want me to show you?” The next thing I know we’re staging this party planner scene which of course ends with Vinyard pounding the shit out of Cox. It was hot. Vinyard tears that kid’s ass up and Cox lives up to his last name. Check out the scene – just telling the story makes my dick hard.

STARRING: Derrick Vinyard and Doniee Darco
Twink ass pounding at its best. Derrick Vinyard had a cyber thing going a guy from Florida. The Florida boy flies out to hang with Vinyard, and Doniee came with him. The Florida kid was a train smash on a good day, so Vinyard sent him packing. As it turns out, the Florida kid had paid for Doniee’s flight to Los Angeles, and then bolted and left Doniee stranded in Los Angeles with no money to get home. Doniee offers to do a scene with Vinyard if I’ll cover his airfare home. Doniee had been craving Vinyard’s cock from the moment they met. The Vin Man has a special thing for tearing up twink ass. The result was this stranded twink taking a serious fucking. First Vinyard face fucks him, then Vinyard makes Doniee eat his muscle ass. Finally Vinyard pushes Doniee’s legs up in the air and fucks him senseless. At one point before he blows Vinyard starts smacking Doniee’s ass. For the first time you see a slight look of fear and pain in Doniee’s eyes as Vinyard keeps plowing him. Vinyard makes the twink cum then blows a load all over his stomach. Doniee gets what he needs in more ways than one.

OK, for all those that have emailed my site wanting to see another boxer scene, this one’s for you! Meet Diego. He’s a real life boxer, and his body proves it. He’s in amazing physical condition. His chest pops out over his ripped abs, which cascade down to his big cock. His solo actually opens with Diego throwing a few sparring punches (I wanted to show you he’s for real). Then it’s on to the business at ‘hand.’ Diego strokes his cock in several positions. A couple of times he bends over the chair and you can see his tight muscle ass. As the scene progresses you can see his body get wet with sweat (he stroked non-stop and the warehouse we shot in was hot as fuck). The scene ends with Diego cumming all over his chest, as cum runs down his abs. If you like boxers, sweat and cum, you’ll like this solo. Check it.

Mitch is a waiter at a bar in Los Angeles where I hang. He plopped down next to me at my table one night and said, ‘Hey man I hear you own a porn company.’ I just glanced over at him – I wasn’t about to confirm or deny shit until I knew where it was going. That night he introduced me to his friend Beaux who wanted to do a solo for me. About two weeks later Mitch came over and whispered in my ear, ‘Can I jack off for you too?’ I literally choked on my Grey Goose and soda. Next he sat down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick under the table. ‘I’m serious bro – I can use the cash and I kind of get off on people watching me.’ He has a great cock, a six pack and serious muscles. It took every ounce of restraint not to lean over and just start going down on him. I told Mitch to meet me at my car after work. We went back to his place and shot his solo that night. I figured that any boy who will pull his cock out in a bar will deliver a good solo performance. Mitch even surprised me. During his scene he strokes his cock, rubs his ass, plays with his asshole – at one point he even bends over the sofa and pushes his ass in my face. Then he straddles me and pushes his cock in the camera. I thought for sure he was going to cum right on my face. When he finally blows he dumps a serious load of cum all over his abs. That night I went home and did the same thing. Hot.

STARRING: Brodie Sinclair and RC Ryan
BRODIE GETS FUCKED. My boy Brodie finally takes the plunge and takes a cock up his ass. The anticipation of this scene has already caused a flap on some of the blogs – some people like Brodie, some don’t – but no matter what you think about him, you have to be a tad curious to see this gay porn bad boy finally submit. Brodie wanted another masculine straight guy to do the deed, so I enlisted the help of RC Ryan. If you like straight boys finally getting fucked and loving it – this is probably not the scene for you. This scene is more like a straight boy being punished – finally submitting to a taboo – doing something that he really doesn’t want to do. RC and Brodie are both pro-am fighters, and both ‘gay for pay’, and somewhere in that they found a bond – its like they both knew what had to be done, that Brodie would be in pain, and RC was going to walk him through it. It starts with mutual stroking and caressing, as they find a connection. When the time comes Brodie sits down on RC’s cock and rides him slowly. Next RC bends Brodie over and the more hardcore fucking begins. What happened next while shooting the scene shocked us all – Brodie actually had an orgasm while he was on his stomach (don’t ask me to explain that – Brodie couldn’t explain it either). Unfortunately, I didn’t get a clear shot of it, and I didn’t have enough footage – so the fucking continued. Now if you have ever been fucked and blown your load, you know you usually want it to end. Bottoming after that is torture. But RC lifts up Brodie’s leg – and the fucking continues until they finally blow their loads together side by side. This scene is hot in an “Eyes Wide Shut” sort of way – some will love it, some will hate it, but all will want to watch. – Check it.
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