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“For the first time ever, Marcus fucks the hell out of another guy. And not just any guy, he's our own Axe. How hot is that? Not to mention what a sport Axe is for being able to get Marcus’ huge cock off for us on cam. This is one hot scene!

Next up, we’re bringing you a smokin’ hot update – literally! Since Smoke got back in town he’s been telling us that he’s ready to take a step in a new direction. And what a direction it is! We called up Crash and asked him if he’d be interested in breaking new ground with Smoke. Obviously, he agreed. The guys got relaxed, we put a video on in the background and let these two incredibly hot studs work each other over. Words fail me in trying to even describe this scene, but it’s probably one of the hottest of the year! I’ve waited a long time to get Smoke to sacrifice his virginity on film, but it was worth the wait.

When we met Riley, he was a dancer at a local club. Normally he dances for gay guys but has expressed to me that he wants to be fucked by straight guys. I told him that I was in the straight guy business and that I could make that happen for him. Brock had mentioned to me earlier in the week that he wanted to make a fuck film, and said he wanted to give it to someone good. So with that in mind we paired him with Brock. And Brock gave it to Riley really good, but not before the two of them sucked each other off and Riley had some tossed Brock-ly salad. Check it out!

During Robbie’s visit with us a few weeks ago we decided to end the weekend with a bang –- literally! We called up Guzzo and asked him to hang out and take care of our new friend Robbie. These two guys really seemed to hit it off so we thought it was the perfect match. Guzzo told us he’d been practicing. Practicing? “Yah dude, I bought me a little vibrator because I like it so much when my girl sticks her finger up my butt”. Well, say no more! We wondered how this straight thug would like something a little bigger and more real up there... On went the cameras and up went our dicks as we filmed one of the hottest fuck videos we’ve ever done!

We figured that you might want to get your socks blown off, so with this scene we're happy to oblige. Meet Dillon. He's a new cummer to video work and this is the first time he's ever been filmed. Dillon struck up some conversations with us online for a few weeks and once he became more comfortable the tone of those conversations became pretty fucking erotic. Dillon loves girls. Loves watching ‘em, licking ‘em and fucking ‘em as does any straight guy, but Dillon admitted that he was just a little curious to see what it might be like to get sexual with a guy. While he'd never done anything like that he did admit that he loved to get pretty naughty with his former girlfriends. So knowing that Dillon was a secret freak and that he was pretty curious we set up this shoot.

Dillon arrived to the shoot in his work clothes after he’d gotten off for the day. What happened next just couldn't have been better. We thoroughly expected to ease the guy in and see if maybe a stray hand on his crotch might lead to a grab and stroke, but as you'll see, pretty much every obstacle to bagging this guy was removed -- and how! It just doesn't get any more real or fun than this.

By popular demand, we brought our new resident cock-hound Crow back for another ride on the merry-go-round. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend the day we filmed this, so we thought we should do something to take his mind off of it – and did we ever. I don’t know what it is about breaking up with someone, but it sure seems to be an aphrodisiac. Rick could hardly get his pants off before Crow was all over him. There’s some real chemistry there. Armed with lube and a dildo, Rick flipped Crow onto his stomach and warmed him up for the ride of his life!”
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