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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-01-30 |
Description taken from translated japanese website:

Industry's First Gay! Gunyogunyo move as the shape of the Century "Barely Mosaic" was adopted! Hear the roar of the bear attacked from behind closed doors glans endless ...

[Scene 1] Zhang, Shinichi in
Age 182cm 100kg 24. His beard was shaved integrated �ނ����� of glasses, the loincloth that you regularly. In this shot, you take off your look with jeans, a white loincloth occupied. Remain binding arms behind back from behind to be ��Ra nipples and dick. With the ball goes out of the bag from the side of the loincloth, Nasty is wearing pants rolled to his penis after his death to your cloth. Responsibility for the masked "Dick is pleasant, more Shigoite" and screaming. Finally, "Iki so there! Iku there! Iku there! Iku there! There! There! There! Ahaa! Oh" was released a lot of shouting semen.

[Scene 2] H. Yamamoto
Age 182cm 105kg 24. He's that type Ryoko Hirosue. This does not mean that it is Nasty man, quite nervous. Tighten the loincloth, Jinbei got dressed. And to feel nipples and neck. Sideways while looking at adult videos, Gingin on his dick tricks Close your eyes at the mouth of the goggles man finger technique. "Stet So there, there, go, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh" press finish to kill voice and touch. Release their sperm into jelly belly. There is only a thick mush even young sperm.

[Scene 3] Goro Fujioka
Age 181cm 110kg 33. He's a gorgeous woman, such as type and Norika Fujiwara Ryoko Yonekura. Decided to cast in this thing and want to challenge their own limits. Tighten the loincloth, Jinbei got dressed. I feel that because of the neck and the penis, using a vibrator or fingers and mouth, sunglasses man give it to these intensive sites. Scrub and rub loincloth raises over slippery with oil cloth and then �EGasazu. A face that is tantalizing and agonizing. Eventually, Jinbei, remove the jacket still dressed in loincloth and slippery with oil in the lower body through the chest with the full monty, torture spree through the body. Second part, the oil-covered hand man sunglasses, grinding against the glans of the Goro torture spree. The stimulation of some, Goro was in agony would lift the hips move it. Finally, "so there Iki, Ikuiku Ikuiku over there, Ikutsu! Ikutsu! Microphone-ll!" And issues a voice, the sperm was released on the belly.

[Scene 4 etc ...]
And off-shot bonus. Appeared on the scene of Goro Fujioka 3, recording the state of the shooting jacket and hand numbness in the state had taken a curious state of the industry and in between takes gay.
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