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MormonBoyz - Elder Holland & Elder Oaks – Priesthood Retreat with President Nelson

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Description - Neither Elder Oaks nor Elder Holland could be happier. Having been inducted into the Order and attaining the higher level of priesthood authority, they had formed a strong bond. Knowing the unique circumstances for each boy-namely Oaks' connection with his father and Holland's less than perfect history with his companion-the Brethren determined that they would benefit from some time away from the grind of daily mission life. Fortunately, the Brethren owned a beautiful home in a secluded area where the handsome President Nelson could take the boys for a private priesthood retreat under his supervision. As soon as they arrived at the home, the boys were immediately led into the main room and told to remove their clothes. Typically, retreats with priesthood leadership involved lots of scriptural study and trust building exercises. It came as no surprise to the boys that this might be a bit of different experience. Elder Oaks and Elder Holland started by unknotting their ties, carefully doing as their dominant host commanded. President Nelson looked on as they undressed patiently, pleased at their immediate submission. Clearly they had been taught well. As the young men undressed down to their garments, President Nelson stood up and brought them closer. The boys looked at the president, eagerly awaiting his next orders. "Remove my clothes," he ordered, barely speaking above a whisper. He didn't have to. Elder Oaks and Holland were entirely focused on him. The boys carefully began to take off President Nelson's clothes, making sure not to be too hasty, giving this powerful priesthood leader the respect and reverence he deserved. As each article of clothing came off, the boys were treated to the sight of his vascular, muscular, tan body. As they moved down his body, Elder Oaks and Holland dropped to their knees in order to take off President Nelson's pants and socks. It was distracting for the boys to be knelt down, their faces mere inches from the impressive bulge in President Nelson's pants. Both boys knew his crotch intimately, but contained their insatiable hunger for it as they proceeded to disrobe Nelson. Fortunately, their desires weren't suppressed for long. President Nelson, knowing exactly what it was that the boys wanted, gently pressed their faces inward, bringing them close enough to his cock that with every breath they took they could smell the intoxicating musk of his balls. Oaks and Holland couldn't take their gaze off of the growing swell in the man's underwear. Nelson ran his fingers through their hair, luxuriating in the adoration he was receiving from the young missionaries.. "Good job, boys. Remove my garments." You didn't have to tell them twice! Elder Oaks and Holland each pulled down their side of the man's sacred garments, releasing his large, thick, veiny cock. Every time they saw it they had the same response: a tightening of the sphincter and a watering of the mouth. President Nelson pushed their heads back to his cock. Hungry to taste him, the boys took turns taking the head into their mouths, while the other worked his mouth up and down the shaft and balls. Every so often the two boys would make eye contact as they switched roles. They loved sucking and servicing the muscle daddy, but it was even hotter being able to see the other doing the same. Oaks' and Holland's excitement grew as Nelson's cock become harder and larger. As they continued to skillfully worship his cock, his moans rang louder and deeper. His pleasure fueled their pleasure, and before long the boys synched up their efforts, mirroring their movements on his shaft, flanking Nelson's wet cock. Were it not for the thick phallus between them, they would have been able to making out with each other. Nelson was enraptured by their service, but that was not all he was after. He instructed them onto the couch and to lift their asses in the air. He examined the shape of each boy's butt, feeling them contained in their garments, pleased by the sheerness of the material. He was able to see their hot, hungry holes through the clean, white mesh cloth. He fondled their balls and cocks, making the boy's mouth practically drool with anticipation and excitement. Kneeling down, his hands worked on the boys in tandem until he could no longer resist the urge to feel their bare flesh. He pulled down their garments just enough to expose their round, firm ass cheeks and the base of their testicles. He moved his hands in and around their underwear, feeling the heat from their balls, back up to their asses, running his fingers along their inviting holes. His cock still slick from the double blowjob, he moved his hips forward into Holland's backside, sliding himself into his hot, smooth hole. Holland's breaths and moans were practically directed by Nelson's thrusts, making a loud exhale and grunt every time the older man pushed himself deep inside his body. Elder Oaks looked on as his companion received Nelson's cock. He enjoyed seeing the two athletic studs fuck, but was jealous that he wasn't feeling the president's large balls smack against his taint the way they were for Holland. President Nelson grabbed ahold of Elder Holland's back, picking up speed and momentum, dicking him deeper and harder. Holland leaned his top half over to his young partner, grabbing him by the neck and kissing him sweetly as the powerful man continued to pound into him. This turned Nelson on even more, forcing him to stop and insist that they both remove their remaining clothes completely. Once undressed, Elder Holland laid flat on the stool nearby, expecting to continue to be fucked hard. Instead, Nelson led Elder Oaks on top of his companion, placing him so that he was bent over Elder Holland on all fours.. The muscular man moved into position and mounted Oak's eager ass, pushing his cock inside his tight hole, giving the young man the intense fuck he'd had been craving...                       

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