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Greyfoxlounge - Sexploited Seniors 2 - House Always Wins


In the grimy Vegas underworld gambling circuit, desperate souls try their luck at the Black Jack Table every night of the week. Rick Henry is a typical degenerate gambler that doesn't know when to quit. He finds himself at the mercy of Boss Carl one fateful weekend that ends with him forced into a world he never thought he'd experience. 20,000 dollars in the hole, Carl gave Rick an ultimatum, either he bottomed in a gay porno or he ended up 6 feet under. Left with no choice, Rick a husband and a father, sucked dick and ate us thorough his first gay smut shoot like a champion. As if he'd done it before even, lol. The boy had his mangina deflowered as well and it was fantastic. Who knew straight men made such good bottoms? I was...
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