♺ blackbreeders - funk fantasies daddies and boys - act 1 and 2

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Ever wonder what goes on in the heads of some of our nastiest breeders? Well find out in FUNK FANTASIES, our first exclusive full length feature!
Act 1.
The flick kicks off with Dawg Dixon, one of the freakiest Bruthas alive. He likes it rough, hard, and raw...and that’s how he gives it! In an intense jack session he fantasizes about having two boys service him and then taking on a Daddy to help him release, while Daemon gets caught up dreaming about a Daddy who can fill his ass up and bang it out!
Act 2.
Daddy X is all about ass as he thinks about finding a sturdy boy who can handle his beer can dick, and Daemon still has his mind on getting his ass full of more nut, piss, and fat Black dick! He wants a Daddy who will treat him nice when he’s good…and fuck him into next week when he acts up. Well, he must have really fucked up to get this brutal ass attack!

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