Locker Room Jocks

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Only five models are involved in the four scenes, so most of them make more than one appearance. Tyler Saint is at his peak here, and Dominic Rider looks really ripped. Jordano Bruni, Tyler Reed and Marques Maddox round out the cast for sex-crazed men in jock straps.

The same yellow and red jockstraps appear in nearly every scene; a little more variety in the costuming would have been nice, but the lace-up jocks in scene two are quite sexy. Would it have been too much to ask for one or two guys in a classic white jock? Nevertheless, jockstrap lovers will appreciate how these guys keep their jocks on through the fuck action.

The Maddox-Rider action in scene three is particularly hot, from the oral and rimming at the start to the juicy climax. Maddox gives a mean fuck, and he knows how to thrust his pelvis to drive deep into Rider's ass. He constantly changes his angle and his speed to elicit new grunts of pleasure out of Rider with each thrust.

The scene between the two Tylers is another highlight. Saint sucks balls like no one else in the business. Saint, with his tightly cropped blond hair and strong facial features, looks fantastic with a big dick in his mouth. Saint lowers himself down on Reed's thick shaft and gasps with delight as their balls come into contact with each other. Reed pounds Saint's ass hard, but the highlight of this scene is the surprising ways these two guys use a Fleshlight in their locker room antics.

While not a cinematic masterpiece, Locker Room Jocks has enough steamy sex to do what a porn film is supposed to do! And it might get you booking a ticket to Toronto to visit the locker room where so much hot sex took place.

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