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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-03 |
What’s going on here? Sex, sex and more sex! That’s for sure.
Scamps consists of five hot scenes featuring 15 hot, horny and hung guys. Probably a guy with less than a 7 inch dick wasn’t even considered for this movie. Sometimes it seems like a cross between a music video and a porn video, but don’t look for it any time soon on MTV.
These mischievous "scamps" - most of the time wearing nothing but caps - suck, cum, rim, fuck and cum again with exhausting abandon. Extras include a look behind the scenes, showing the guys waking up, showering, shaving and generally getting ready for the shoot. There are shots of the guys just hanging out naked, swimming in the pool, using the sauna. There's also a deleted scene, removed because they just couldn’t get through it without breaking up.

While the song All Night Long pounds away in the background, Jerome comes downstairs to join his waiting friends Ruslan (red cap) and Andy. They greet the stud by feeling him up and sucking on his dick. With similar looks, bodies and generous cocks, it’s a challenge sometimes to know just who’s doing what and to whom unless you check out their baseball caps, and the tattoo on Jerome’s left shoulder. It's a three-way that starts out with lots of cocksucking back and forth. Jerome is sitting on the stairs and servicing his two buddies. In less than five minutes, they're all naked and well into it. They suck each other until they all let go with cumshots, some unassisted by any stroking. They just "magically" shoot. And then rimming leads to more sucking AND fucking, which in turn leads to more juice being shot. Condoms are used throughout, but they are so unobtrusive as to look non-existent. These guys know what they’re doing every step of the way, and enjoy doing it.
These four guys are part of a band, or so it seems. Their instruments, at least their musical ones, are all electronic. Quickly, they all come up with raging erections and bang away, “making music” amusingly by pounding their boners on their instruments and dancing to the beat. Enough is enough, so they soon get into some serious sex, jacking off while dropping their clothes. (Sam has the checked cap and Chose the blue cap and chain necklace) They pair off to give each other intense blow jobs, eventually shooting loads of cum, and again, some of their orgasms appear unassisted. They all move over to a small sofa to rim, jack off and suck some more on each other. When they get to fucking, one guy with an especially thick dick impressively rams another guy who is busy fucking someone else. To finish, two of the guys mount the other two and ride them to shoot their second loads of cum.

After romping through group orgy-like scenes, the next two are hot and lustful duos. Carey is up in his room, listening to, you guessed it, All Night Long on his iPod and gyrating to the beat. Slowly his clothes come off and his throbbing dick bobs up and down to the rhythm. Gary comes in and just watches in awe. Eager to have sex with him, he drops his clothes as well, and jacks off. Eventually, Gary comes over and joins Carey. They kiss and embrace, crossing their big “swords” in the process. They both have great bodies and good sized dicks, though Carey’s may be the thicker. For the first time in this video, the rascal’s hats come off, as Gary drops to his knees to suck on Carey. He plays with the wires to Carey’s earphones as he does so, wrapping them around Carey’s dick. Carey then goes down on Gary and sucks until they both cum, freely shooting their first loads. They head across the room to a bench where Gary stands and lifts a leg up on a bench to provide open access to his ass so Carey can rim him. When his hole’s moist and ready, Carey pushes his dick in and fucks him. After a lengthy session, Gary sits down on the bench, so Carey can switch and sit on him, getting his own share of big dick up his ass. Carey cums riding his friend and jacking off. Gary shoots for a second time, too.

Damien and Casper are outside casually playing soccer on the lawn. All Night Long is still thumping away on the soundtrack. Suddenly the lawn sprinklers come on, drenching them both. They each pick one of them up and run around spraying the other until they are both totally drenched. They run into the house and up the stairs to the kitchen. Standing face to face, they kiss. "How about getting undressed?" Casper asks. They pull each other’s wet sweatshirt off and continue kissing. Next come the pants, and they are both naked and hard. Casper sits up on the kitchen cabinet so that Damien can easily suck his dick. Casper finally gets off and kneels down to service Damien. Both of them jack off and cum. From there, Damien lies on a cabinet with his legs spread apart so that Casper can rim him. When he’s had enough, Damien gets off the sink and back up to Casper’s dick to get fucked. Damien then gets up on the cabinet to lie on his back and have Casper sit on him. They both have nice muscularly athletic bodies. Casper sits on Damien’s dick and rides it with his own erection standing straight up at attention. As Damien fucks from beneath his ass, he simultaneously jacks him off. Casper jacks it for a while, and then Damien works it again, teasing it to erupt while he’s fucking. Casper does finally shoot, and Damien follows suit by rubbing his dick against Casper’s crotch and dick until it oozes out. The scene fades out on their embracing kiss.

We catch up with these four as they’re standing by their parked car dancing around to the music and chugging down some champagne. They notice that Dion’s got a big erection popping out of his pants, so they all get back in the car and head home for some action. Back in the living room, they continue to dance around and swig more bubbly. Dicks come out and the sucking starts. Shirts come off, and then the pants. They four have settled onto two couches. Ramon sucks on Dion on one and Lucky works on Max on the other. They’re all naked except for their hats. More champagne and they stretch out for a chain sucking session, which leads them all to shooting a load. Once again in their duos, they rim and eat ass. Ramon sits on and rides Dion, while Lucky fucks Max on his back with his butt on the arm of the couch. They all cum and end with kissing.

Really hot behind the scenes reel included...


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