HardMaster - MSB (heavy cbt and whipping)

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Description* * * Footage split into two files, as couple of seconds in the middle are lost due to DVD quality issues * * *

HM-MSB introduces a muscular tough strong dark skinned Mongrel Slave Boy who is as tough as nails. In this DVD he is taken to levels of suffering reserved only for the toughest. Bound and with his big balls stretched his strong back, thick thighs and heavy muscular calves are flogged. Chained, his muscle butt is used as a dart board. He is bound on a work horse and his indestructible cock and balls are flogged and beaten with a wooden police truncheon. Hi muscular butt, thighs and calves are bullwhipped while bound tight and unable to escape the lash. Legs bound apart his big strong balls are unmercifully beaten with a wooden baton and paddle from underneath. In the dungeon his balls are weighed down with an inhuman amount of iron weights that come close to breaking him,he has his hard cock punched and beaten for his efforts. Bound kneeling, his huge calves and broad strong feet become targets for the whip. Bound to the wall his cock and balls are caned and beaten with heavy strong strokes without mercy. Legs apart and standing high his balls are used as a punching bag with brutal blows making him gasp with every punch. He is strung up spreadeagled to expose his broad muscular back and whipped bloody. All very real.
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