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DescriptionThe Berlin “Hangman”: A True Story of Human Trafficking in Berlin. (LEAKED STUDIO PREVIEW)

Pekka and his buddy Hans Peter Knoll are hanging out every night at the Pub "Hangman", in the Schöneweide district of eastern Berlin.

Since they started taking steroids they're having an extreme antisocial lifestyle, showing aggressive behavior such as fighting, armed robbery, burglary, theft, vandalism.

The two buddies are also running a criminal organization that is involved in sex trafficking of Eastern European young boys.

Igor is a Polish guy arrived in Berlin last night. Igor is gambling for a whole while now. Unaware of the risk, as he finally wins the jackpot he even showed his win to the guests before he leaves the "Hangman". Bad mistake.

Pekka has been observing him all the time, saw the cash and followed the innocent guy.

In a dark pedestrian tunnel he meets the boy. But the stupid twink doesn't want to give his money. Pekka takes the guy to his dungeon and starts to teach him a lesson.

Stripped down to his underwear Igor is now bound, gagged and helpless. Pekka is tearing the slip apart and rips off the guy´s shirt. His prisoner starts to hyperventilate from fear. Pekka starts to torture the nipples and fixes the cock and balls with a rope. Igor is puking from pain.

Then he kicks and beats the boy. Finally Pekka gags him with his stinky sneakers.

Igor has to hunker down on a wooden truss. His arms are tied and he is gagged with his shoes. Pekka beats him until the boys starts to piss. Then he has to squat while his ass comes very close to the candle underneath him. After an excessive torture with hot wax Pekka starts to fondle the boy. Igor is broken and helpless.

Igor lays on the ground. His body is red from the painful hot wax. Pekka takes the boy into another room. Now everything happens very fast. A short moment of pain and his tormentor is deep inside him. He mercilessly fucks Igor in several uncomfortable positions. After he shouts his massive load into the guy´s face he finally leaves him in this pitiful position.

Pekka will soon hand Igor over to his buddy Hans Peter Knoll, who will brand him for life with his evil seed, turning Igor into their HIV+ sex slave.

Studio: JalifStudio
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Language: German
Channel: Stereo
Sample rate: 48000 Hz

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