[Belami] Last Summer in Greece #9 #10 (1080p)

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Sometimes roaming around the streets at night is not a great idea for Hoyt, other times, like this evening, it proves to be the best thing to do.
After shopping for new outfits Hoyt leaves Helmut and Jerome behind without their new party clothes (whether through absent mindedness or a subtle revenge for their hijacking of his romance with Torsten we may never know) and meets up with Adam Archuleta on the streets. It seems that no-one is destined to end up at the party as Hoyt and Adam head back home for a very private party instead.
Cast : Hoyt Kogan, Adam Archuleta

Although Bastian has made an appearance in our Greek Salad series before, this is his first outing here in Last Summer in Greece.
As the boys trip nears it's end, they seem to be hunting for new boys closer and closer to home, and you don't get much closer than with the sexy pool boy....
Cast: Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Bastian Dufy
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