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"Tyler Tied Up" begins with black and white footage of Tyler Bristolrock, leanly muscular with some facial hair and a partially bald head, wandering around doing his various life chores. When he goes into a parking structure to get his car, he is captured by unseen abductors. Suddenly, the picture turns to color, and Tyler is seen hanging from some ropes, stripped to the waist, tied up and blind folded. His tormentor is Van Darkholme, a muscular man of Asian heritage. He stings Tyler’s body here and there with a crop.

After removing Tyler’s shoes and socks, he bites his crotch, unzips his jeans and gets his already-erect dick out. He licks the tip, squeezes it, goes down on it. Van takes his shirt off to reveal his muscular torso and goes to work sucking on Tyler’s dick. Tyler seems to resist and not enjoy the attention. Van wraps rope around and around Tyler’s penis and winds rope around his balls separately. He sucks on the head making his dick strain against the ropes, the ends of which are now tied around his waist. Van pushes Tyler’s jeans down to his ankles and wraps ropes around his thighs. One leg is now tied up off, and the cord around the shaft of his cock has vanished.

Van swats him more with his crop and sucks Tyler’s dick some more. Tyler’s balls and cock have become beet-red from the constriction. Tyler’s arms are tied behind his back, and a bit is wedged in his mouth. The ropes are off his cock and balls, so Van sucks his cock again and massages his balls. "Make me cum... make me cum," Tyler pleads. Van really sucks and jacks him off to cum over Van’s body. The ropes come off, Tyler’s now got a hand free to jack off Van who cums on Tyler’s chest.

"Eric Slicked Up" also starts with black and white footage. Through a series of video effects, Eric Masters finds himself in a kind of vinyl room. Three muscular guys in masks and latex spandex outfits (Marco Paris, Dividian and Van Darkholme), using special video effects, "spray" a similar outfit on him. The next cut finds three of them tied and hanging by their wrists. Van is there in latex and takes Eric down to open his outfit and sucks his big dick. Wearing latex gloves, Van massages Eric and gets him to suck his dick. Eventually, the guys are wearing less and less clothing. Their tops are off and their dicks are out for Van to suck and play with, all bound with rope.

One of the guys is now laid out on a table for some electro play. Two thick metal cockrings, attached to electrical wires, are slipped over his hardened dick, with sensors attached to his balls. Low voltage current is run the wires causing sensations and contractions. After massaging the victim’s chest and oiling his thick dick, clamps with more wires are attached to his nipples. Van removes one of the rings and jacks him off until he finally cums. The last part of this scene is centered around a circular chrome rocker wheel that one can lie in, get fucked over or lie on to be raised sling-like in the air. The guys are mostly naked for the round of hot sucking and fucking that ends with all of them jacking off and cumming on Van.

"Seducing Sailor Chad" returns the viewer back to shibari bondage. Chad Hunt is a sailor at the docks where an aircraft carrier is anchored. He’s being plied with beer by a guy who’s trying to seduce him. A few too many brews, and Chad finds himself bound with ropes. He manages to get his clothes off before Van artfully reties him, blindfolded and standing with his hands behind him. Not surprisingly, Chad sports a big erection. After playing with it, Van wraps ropes around it. We see Chad in triptych images. He stays erect as his muscles and dick strain against the rope. His dick is freed for a moment as red ropes replace the first ones. Van sucks on the head and plays with his balls. His hands now free, and ropes off his famous monster, Chad allows Van to continue to suck on it. Chad takes matters into his own hands, jacks off and cums in Van’s face."

Cast:  Chad Hunt, Dividian, Erik Masters, Marco Paris, Tyler Bristolrock, Van Darkholme

Director:  Van Darkholme

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2006

Studio :  Muscle Bound Productions
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