Iron Worker Attached - Parts 1, 2 & 3

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DescriptionIron Worker Attached - Part 1

The sexy iron worker was working alone on a deserted part of the bridge when
he was abducted.  The next thing he knew he was tied to the wall in a strange
basement at the mercy of a perverted, masked man.  It seems he'd caught
the attention of a sick biker what wanted his firm, young body
for his own plaything.  The masked man used a knife to cut the terrified
young man's work clothes to shreds, revealing a smooth, muscular body,
and a beautiful, large, uncut cock.

Iron Worker Attached - Part 2

Now that he has his victim's work clothes ripped to shreds and his huge cock
exposed, the crazed pervert is ready to collect his prize.  Taking the fat, uncut cock
in hand he slowly jerks and strokes.  The iron worker tries to resist but can
do nothing to stop him.  Soon his cock responds, becoming long and hard.
The young man moans and struggles, but his dick has a mind of it's own
and surrenders to the pleasure inflicted on it.  He tries hard to hold on,
not wanting to shame himself by shooting a load in another man's hand,
and he thinks he's succeeded when the man stops jerking and lets go.
Time seems to stand still as he hangs on the edge until he looses control
and shoots his load anyway filled with shame and guilt.

Iron Worker Attached - Part 3

As humiliating as it was for the young man being forced to shoot his load,
it was nothing compared to his mortification when he realized that the man
intended to fuck him.  Tied face down to a sawhorse, his asshole exposed
and vulnerable, he shuddered when the man started to fuck him with his finger.
Using his thick fingers and two large dildos, the masked man takes the
poor construction workers manhood as he struggles, grunts and moans,
writhing in shame and agony, The young man had never felt so
degraded or emasculated in his young life.

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