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The mean, aggressive wail of police sirens rising and falling as they approach and recede; the occasional popcorn popping of assault rifles in the distance; the sharp attacking bark and the haunting howl of search dogs on duty; the whipping whirl and blinding fights of the search helicopters; and the occasional whiff of cordite and tear gas borne on the night air. The sensory messages of a jail break. We had one here in California a couple of weeks ago. They are scary.

This release is not about a jail break, however. It is about the release of a new STUDIO 2000 video with a prison setting. However, when you consider all the aspects of Forced Entry, you may want to raise a celebratory ruckus equal to all that noise above.

They say that history repeats itself - that it's cyclical. It's an interesting thought. Ten years ago John Travis directed his first major production. The show was Powertool and it brought us Jeff Stryker in his first starring role. The rest is certainly history. Powertool became the most successful show in the history of gay adult video. Jeff Stryker became a megastar. And John and the show took all the major awards. And ten years later the show is still finding new audiences and selling as well as many new releases. That's history, however.

Today's news is Forced Entry, one of the all-time biggest releases from STUDIO 2000. The setting is a prison. The director is John Travis. This time the star is Mr. 12+ - Kevin Dean. History is about to repeat itself. With subject, director and star, screenwriter Tyler Adams has crafted an exciting and audacious story of violence and sexuality that will keep you up well into the night.

The show opens as Kevin and one of the trustees, Dean Johnson, discuss Kevin's new cellmate and the chances of this young, sweet and apparently innocent kid avoiding sexual violation while he is imprisoned - especially with guards like the bully Mr. Jones around. We also get a chance to discover that Mr. Jones is as unpleasant as his reputation.

Back in their cells, it's time for lights out. Kevin tries to tell the new kid, Beau Saxon, that he's safe from harm in the cell. With what Kevin is carrying between his legs, he's one of the most popular guys in the prison - and gets all the action he wants. To give support to his story, Kevin lays back, takes out his monster and strokes it to its awesome fullness and release. Beau is both fascinated and frightened by Kevin's enormous cock.

In another cell, trustee/librarian Aiden Shaw and cellmate Sean Diamond share a joint and talk about the newcomer. When Jones' name comes up again, Sean gets all hyped up with his intense hatred of the vicious guard. Aiden calms him down with another joint - his own. It works wonders.

The next day in the library, Beau is in the library reading. Jones enters and after sending Aiden out to pick up a new shipment of books, proceeds to force himself on Beau - overcoming his resistance with violent aggression. After a relentless assault, Jones leaves Beau in a heap on the library floor.

When Kevin discovers what has happened to Beau, who is now in the infirmary, he decides that, in spite of the fact that he is a short timer and shouldn't risk his release, something has to be done about Jones. With the help of one of the guards, Rip Stone, who owes Kevin a couple of favors, Kevin gathers together a band who are just as mean as Jones and just as prone to violence. The gang find Jones alone in the prison dining room. They blindfold him and then, lead by Kevin's mighty monster, they repay him for the violence he did to Beau - manyfold.

Time passes. Kevin is about to be released. Beau is back in the cell but he has cut himself off entirely and will speak to no one. Kevin packs his meager possessions and bids Beau a sad farewell. As he leaves, Beau thoughtfully observes his departure.

More time passes. Beau is some, but not much, better. He has a new cellmate - the trustee Dean Johnson. Dean is expecting a gentleman caller and he invites Beau to join. Beau declines. The gentleman caller arrives. It is the guard, Rip Stone. As the two men get down to some heavy action that includes Rip's big riot baton, Beau watches and is drawn in to the action - as his cock's rigid demands for attention overcome his fear and Beau compulsively strokes it to climax.

Now it is Beau's time for release. He's a man with a mission. Celebrating his freedom from incarceration and his new-found sexual freedom, Beau finds Kevin and a way to say thanks in a loving and sensitive scene that leaves them both happy to be free men.

That's Forced Entry. It's a title to remember. You'll be hearing a lot about this DVD in the coming months. There are eleven men in this show and not one of them is an ?extra? - hot, hung, beautiful and built; they are part of the best that adult video has to offer. And they come together under the guidance, loving care and talent of STUDIO 2000, producer Scott Masters, and, especially, the master of video magic, John Travis. So, it's time to broaden your outlook and widen your horizons and let Forced Entry enter your vision. You'll never be the same.

Starring Kevin Dean, Aiden Shaw, Jim Pulver, Beau Saxon, Sean Diamond, Tony Hampton, Vic Hall, Drew Nolan, Dean Johnson, Doug Perry and Rip Stone.

Directed by John Travis.

A Studio 2000 DVD.

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