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Original upload: 2011-10-10 |
Well I need to gain some ratio, so I thought of sharing my collection of videos from Angry Young Man. I've been collecting them since 2006, so here's a chance for all of you to get some of the missing titles. I've gotten them from many sites, and some from here, so many of these used to be found and seeded, so let's get them all back on the sharing flow for some time.

Here's the files in Part 1:

#001 - You Runnin' Today?
The ENLISTED MEN'S gym at a SoCal Marine Corps Base! Younger guys from 19 to 25. Locker rooms, showers, lots of naked male bonding.

#004 - 10 Sweaty Guys, One Tiny Room
A ceiling-mounted surveillance-cam captures handsome, naked, muscular Marines and USN personnel in the sauna.

#013 - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Intramural BASKETBALL players after a lunch-hour game. Navy Exchange TANNING BED footage. More BONERS.

#015 - Heads Up! Slick Decks
Intoxicated Marines playing NAKED ELIMINATION WATER-POLO. Steam room & locker-room footage.

Hope you enjoy them!
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