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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-05-11 |

Studio: NakedFratHouse
Title: Surf Lesson
Starring: Brek Williams & Koa
Release Date: 20/07/2011

Today FratHouse boys red-headed Brek Williams and exotically cute Koa are taking a trip to the gorgeous sunny beach here in San Diego so that Brek can finally get the proper lowdown on surfing from a Hawaiian hottie who knows his shit. The two quickly undress and change under the cover of their towels outside of the truck before grabbing their boards and heading for the sand. Immediately upon tossing their surfboards down, Koa begins explaining the mechanics and tricks of specific types of paddling and proper foot placement before giving a helpful demo and guiding Brek to do the same. Confident in his newfound knowledge, Brek grabs his board and follows Koa down into the surf for a couple of beautiful hours alone with the waves. Afterwards at the FratHouse, Brek and Koa quickly jump in the shower and try to get all the salt off before realizing their instructional episode is far from over. Noticing that Koa's cock is starting to get quite chubby, Brek leans down and kisses him full on the mouth. He presses their bodies together and slowly drapes his hands down over Koa's soft skin until reaching his big hot dick, which really gets his cock standing at attention. Quickly drying off for a second the pair jump over to the sofa where Brek lays back so that Koa can take his throbbing thick cock deep into the back of his throat and work it up and down, letting it fuck his face plunging all the way in to rest his big nuts on Koa's chin. Not one to forget to return a favor, Brek lets Koa take his place while he coats his dick with saliva and sucks it into his mouth so deeply that Koa's eyes roll back into his head unable to close his mouth. As Brek works his oral magic he can't help but notice that his cock is really itching to be buried in that sweet tight hole just inches from his mouth. So he lifts Koa's legs like wheelbarrow handles and stuffs all of his 7 inches into that snug little ass as he continues to keep Koa from being capable of closing his mouth or opening his eyes. Next, Brek flips Koa over onto his knees and continues pillaging his exit, causing them both to moan uncontrollably and slam their pelvises together to achieve maximum penetration. Getting ready for his balls to unleash a tidal wave of cum, Brek once again turns Koa onto his back so he can look into his dark brown eyes as they both arrive at their favorite destination. Koa is first to go, as he screams out in ecstasy and dumps a scorching load of semen all over his tight abdominal muscles. Which sends Brek over the edge as he hovers over Koa's face and squirts shot after propulsive shot of thick gooey jism onto Koa's face and neck.

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