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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-03-04 |

Alex Cacio
Alexandre Senna
Felix Stulbach
Junior Carioca
Kaio de Castro
Mateus Axell
Michel Bittencourt
Poax Lenehon
Vitor Manzini

I can't remember the last time I was so pleasantly surprised. With its superb photography, beautiful men and exotic locations, "Island Boys" is a supernova of always-sexy men from South America, mostly thanks to director Paolo Desantos' attention to high-quality production values.

The first scene has an intriguing intro, a solo shot of beach boy Felix Stulbach's taut body gleaming with a mixture of sweat and oil. He is soon joined by sinewy stud X-Marks, whose nipplerings gleam almost as much, but not as much as his megawatt smile. Felix and X-Marks perform a blistering mutual suck, shot in natural, flickering sunlight, and then X-Marks impales himself on Felix's massive cock, while the boat the two are in gently bobs in the water. Felix spurts a huge load all over X-Marks' taut pecs at the end, followed by a drencher shot by X-Marks.

The previous scene offers up action in natural sunlight, but the following scene, a moody, dark and intense three-way, gets its glow from firelight. The sumptuous trio includes a pair of tattooed, longhaired studs, meant to invoke a tribal brotherhood, and introduces a more closely-shorn dude as their muscled playmate. The oral sequence is exquisitely delivered, and the focus is often on the ample foreskins of the men in the scene, and when the action turns to fucking, the energy level ramps up considerably, with one of the tribesmen slamming into the other while the third stud watches and helps out by leaning over to pull the bottom's asscheeks wide apart. The scene has a big, wet finale, with the two tribesmen unloading all over the third stud's chest, and again he helps them out, this time with a lot of guttural verbal dirty-talk. I have no idea what he's saying, but it sounds sexy as hell.

Two lovers meet on a deserted beach and help each other off with their tiny bikinis, which inexplicably manage to house their two whopper organs. A face-fuck is riveting, as is the driving, standing fuck that follows it. Perfect camerawork is included throughout, but here it is especially remarkable, grabbing shots of a sitting fuck that put the viewer so near the penetration it is almost like being there, all the way up to the side-by-side pop-shots that end the scene.

Vulpine hottie Vitor Manzini introduces the next scene, walking on and doing a slow striptease out of his camouflage outfit. Vitor is the kind of stud your mother should have warned you about, but probably didn't because she didn't know such dangerous, manly beauty existed. Vitor gets a superb blowjob from a brunet beauty, and both studs are as rock-hard as the stone wall and staircase that serve as the setting for the scene. Vitor eats out his buddy's bronzed, shapely ass and then sits on the stone stairs so his stud bottom can ride his cock. Vitor is far from done, though, and takes that delectable ass in a couple of other ways before both dudes spill their loads.

The finale, on a sun-drenched beach, is all about Junior Carioca and Alexander Senna's muscles. Junior is the total top in the scene, slapping Alexander's face with his thick dick, fingering Alexander's asshole, and then slamming his cock deep inside Alexander's ass. The most impressive sequence comes when Alexander is bounding up and down on Junior's dick while the two are perched on an enormous rock in the sand, while a sailboat in the background bobs up and down on the waves. This is a match-up of two he-men, and the pounding Junior dishes out is nothing Alexandre can't take, and it's like watching two Titans go at it until they erupt with cum.

"Island Boys" is a stunning debut for Maximus and director Paolo Desantos.

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