(Private collection) xtuber Gayspermdonor Poz breeding his boys

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DescriptionThis is a collection of xtuber Gayspermdonor's videos that are now private, which means you need a pin code to access them. If you go to his page, none of his videos are public. I came across his collection and decided we could use them here. You may have seem some of his films floating around but they are not nearly as complete as this collection. I didn't upload everything cause some of them were boring. Also, videos 1, 7, 9, and 10 were made quite some time ago so the picture quality isn't that great, omit them if you want. I spent quite some time putting these together and I hope you guys enjoy them.

I included an introduction to Gayspermdonor and the details of each video because I think knowing who he is, what he does, and what was done in the videos are A HUGE TURN ON.

Here's an introduction to Gayspermdonor
33, 5'10, 160. Positive bareback top with a fetish for cumming inside. Love marking guys with my charged DNA. No rubbers, no pulling out, no exceptions. Every guy I fuck in my vids knows I'm positive.

I don't lie or stealth, and most of the guys I fuck are also positive. But I'm also down to breed positive friendly neg guys. And its always surprising how many of them are out there. We all make our choices.

“His videos”

1. 22 year old latin boy 2nd load
22year old latin boy, second load this session. after he worshipped my cock in the last vid, now i mount him bareback in his black jockstrap and sneaks and breed him deep.

2. Breeding 21 yo latin college twink
Met this latin college twink on BBRTS. Took him to a cheap motel for a long breeding session. This was load #2. At the end of the first part of the vid you can see load #1 coming out of his ass while I'm fucking him. Gave him three loads total.

3. Breeding hairy latin bubble butt
Met this latin guy on Grindr. Early 30s, great hairy legs and ass. He wanted to be bred. Watch how once I start to cum he basically sucks every drop out of my cock with his ass.

4. Breeding Persian twink load #2
Load 2 of 2 same day. He likes ass to mouth. I breed him hard doggy style and then he rides me and jerks off. Nice big load.

5. Barebacking sweet latin twink pussy
I've been chatting with this boy online for a couple years. Finally made it happen and definitely worth the wait. He's very twinky, 5'4 120 lbs with a perfect velvet ass pussy. I hadn't cum in 3 days. This is the first of three loads i gave him. I was precumming like crazy and you can see it all over my cock while I'm stroking his ass. Watch for the start of my cumload oozing out of my cock right before I breed him.

6. Breeding in sneaks
Same latin boy from a couple weeks ago. This time we kept our sneaks on while I bred him.

7. Cute lain boy gets my 4 day load 
Hot boy loves taking my bare cock when we both get poppered up. listen and u here him coming in his jockstrap right after i fill his butt with my 4 day load

8. Dominating mormon boy with  my feet and cock (2 loads)
Regular boy I breed when I go home for the Holidays. He loves to be dominated, used, and filled with poz cum. Here I use his mouth and ass while making him sniff my dirty socks and sneaks. Pumped three loads up his sweet ass in this session, here are the first two. 

9. Greek boy gets my my bare cock
Hot Greek boy in a jockstrap, black socks and pumas takes my bare cock

10. impregnating a hairy white grad student
Boy wanted cum, i gave it to him

11. Latin twink struggles with my cock (2 load)
I've had a lot of requests for a longer 1-on-1 bareback breeding session so here it is. This is a 23 yo latin boy I found on Grindr. Very tight butt, it took some work to pry him open enough to take my first load. For my second load, I fucked him until he couldn't take it in the ass anymore, so I switched to his mouth. Hear him gag as I blow down his throat. 

12. LONG doggy fuck with DEEP  internal breeding
Second load with the converse boy that day. just a long slow deep screw with lots of poppers, and a very happy ending :)

13. Pile driving 24 yo Puerto Rican boy
I fucked this boy two years ago when he was 22 and wore his ass out with one load. We reconnected for another session, and I planned to go slow so I could give him multiple loads, but I just couldn't help myself. His sweet brown ass makes me wanna pound the fuck out of him. He's a hairy little boy front and back :) Love his hairy butt and asshole, watch his ass hair get caught in the lube and stick to my cock as I fuck him.

14. Pumping my three day load up a hot 24 yo latin ass
Great fuck with this hot 24 yo latin boy in a cheap motel. Very submissive, he loves showing off his ass and putting it in the air to get fucked. He struggles a bit at first but i get him opened up. watch his toes curl on every stroke while i fuck him.

15. Whoring out Persian boy again
The boy can't get enough cock and cum. I whored him out again in a cheap Hollywood motel. We got about 15 loads up his boy cunt :)

16 .Whoring out Persian boy in a cheap motel
Breeding party compilation footage. I whored him out for several hours, and the boy took 19 loads, about half of which the guys let me video. I put the first load in him to open and lube him up. I had saved up a four day load for the purpose. Guys came and went all afternoon. Got him some huge cocks and loads. Pretty good attendance for a weekday breeding party.

Load 1 of 2. Hot Persian boy loves to be fucked and bred, whored out in cheap motels, gang banged at sex clubs, and videoed with full face getting filled in both ends. Fun boy Be sure to catch the creampie at the end :)
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