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[BG East Wrestling] Dark Knights 11 - Steven Ponce vs Ray Dalton

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Dark Knights Returns

The Dark Knights series has long been almost solely the territory of legends the likes of Kid Leopard and Brooklyn Bodywrecker, and some leather-clad master dominators able and willing to push their opponents farther than they ever have been before. They don't simply beat their opponents, but force them, body and mind, into complete and total submission - and often emission - to serve the whim of the master victor, cum what may. Such a role can be hard to fill, and a new entry has been a long time in cuming. For this latest installment in the series, the line-up couldn't look more promising.

Steven Ponce proved his penchant for the sensual and the sexual in his match with Lorenzo "Jake" Lowe, and now, with his facial hair and hirsute chest, geared up in a hot harness and leather jock, he's certainly got the look of the Dark Knights warrior down pat. However, before he can even make his entrance, we see his older, ripped and tattooed opponent, and any fan of this series will know right away who to bet on!

Ray Dalton, multiply tattooed, leather-clad, and built out of solid muscle, his first act at BG East is to beckon Ponce to the mats for their match. Steven sure doesn't balk at the challenge, flexing a bicep inches from Dalton's face, but the bigger man is unimpressed, and shows why as he muscles Ponce's arm back down to his side before dragging him to the center of the mat by his harness. Steven remains confident but he may already be drawn, like a moth to a flame, into a master dominator's mind games.

Some serious mature male muscle is on display as these two tough-looking men lock up, neither giving an inch as they make a tight circuit of the mat room, eyes locked. Size wins out as Dalton is the first to take Ponce to the mat, locking on a punishing bodyscissors and giving his erstwhile opponent the first taste of his power. Steven's no jobber however, as he works free and wrestles the formidable Ray Dalton into a full nelson.

The big man's words: "That all you got?" Dalton flexes and slowly powers down and out, tensing his muscles and gradually weakening Steven's grip until they're forced back to their feet. As he breaks the hold Ray reverses and roughly traps Ponce right into a full nelson of his own, his weight and muscle bearing down on Steven until he's forced to his knees beneath the bigger, older man, Dalton making it perfectly clear who's in charge here.
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