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Weekend Pass 2 was shot entirely in San Diego, home of the largest military installation in the western hemisphere. Sledge Sawyer is home on leave from Iraq. Dirk teams him up with Diego Correa. The two guys have never met before, but both are in the Marines. They waste no time in getting down to business for some much needed R&R. Sledge loves having his ass eaten, and Diego loves sticking his tongue up a man's tight hole. Who says straight boys don't kiss? (One of these guys is married.)

As they go into a sixty-nine position, Sledge goes to town sitting on Diego's face and rubbing his ass hard back and forth, alternately chocking Diego with his big, fat cock. Sledge, having been deployed for over 6 months, needed to release some of his dick tension, and Diego was more than willing to offer up his ass. Sledge pumps Diego's pucker hard till he has to pull out, dumping his load on Diego's face and rubbing his cum-spent cock around Diego's lips.

Newcomer Bill Ray decides to rent a room at an infamous motel frequented by military guys on leave. In walks Sandy Sloane, an ex-Marine on the prowl. Sandy immediately goes in for the kill, slurping down Bill's hard cock and eating out his virgin ass. Bill can't believe his luck, and sucks on Sandy's upturned cock and does some ass munching himself, bringing Sandy to total ecstasy. Sandy relieves himself by shooting his load on Bill's chest. He assumes the doggie position and Bill penetrates his first military ass. Being his first, Bill fucks furiously and unloads his juice.

T.J. Davis is in another room down the hall, but can't get the shower to work. So he calls for a maintenance man to come up and fix it. While waiting, T.J. got himself hard thinking about his date later that night. Brian Handcock, the maintenance guy, comes knocking and gets himself all wet fixing the shower. T.J. invites Brian to take off his clothes to dry and finds out Brian is an ex-Marine.

Cutting to the chase, Brian lifts the towel covering T.J.'s hard-on and begins blowing the hard cock. T.J. grabs hold of Brian's head by the hair and fucks his face eagerly. They move into a sixty-nine position and each services the other's manhood. T.J. then slips a rubber on and Brian sits on his cock like a pro, his cock swinging round and round as he rides T.J. A close-up shot of smooth T.J. fucking hairy Brian is quite hot, as both men work up a sweat. They finish by shooting their loads together on Brian's hairy chest, squeezing their cocks to the last drop.

In the final scene, Bill Ray hooks up with his Marine buddy Aaron Reeves, a big hunk of a man. They are joined by another friend, Eric Hunter, who tells the two that rather than watching porn on TV, they should just do it themselves. The other two go for the idea and soon form a daisy chain of cock sucking. They trade places with Eric fucking Aaron in a doggie position, while Aaron sucks on Bill's cock. They finish off by shooting their loads one after the other, as they lay next to each other in bed.

This sizzling hot sequel will make you wish you had a weekend pass with real military guys on leave.
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