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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-05-20 |

In the tradition of other Scott Masters productions Twisted is a slick, glossy looking feature. The movie is designed to showcase Studio 2000 exclusive Mark Slade, and does a nice job with the task. The script is a loose adaptation of Scream, whereas Mark is receiving scary telephone calls that pertain to - one guess - sex.

A few calls are made to Mark that sort of shake him up. However, Mr. Slade is able to get past his fear when trick Jack Ryan appears on his couch, naked. Jack is a cute, smooth boy/man with a huge cock. He contrasts nicely with Slade’s beefy, hirsute looks. Slade and Ryan make out next to a window for a while before Ryan begins lapping at Slade’s pole like a kitten at a milk bowl.

Later, Slade puts Ryan on the bed and gently works on his cock before he begins fingering his hole. Slade then fucks Ryan. Ryan is definitely turned on and stays rock hard throughout the fuck. Ryan shoots his white load while Slade’s juicy cock is deep inside of him.

Slade receives another call while his best friend Rick Hammersmith is visiting. You see, Rick wanted to "be there" because these sex calls were so upsetting to Slade. Hammersmith coerces Slade into going along with the caller’s wishes. The mystery caller has Hammersmith strip down and work himself over in front of Slade. Slade is much more into the show than he wants to admit - he's especially excited to see his buddy shoot such a hot load.

After a false start the third sex scene arrives. It's an extremely hot scene starring Tommy Lord and Dean Temple. The setting is Slade’s office. Slade has to leave early due to his preoccupation with the mystery caller. Lord is left in charge and quickly has Temple kneeling in front of him. Lord possesses a beautiful, long cock (his co-star has a fat, wide, wedge of a prick as well.) These two seem to complement one another in every sense and offer up probably the hottest scene in the video. The heated activity runs the sexual gamut with them making out, trading blow jobs, and fingering one another before getting down to serious business. Business here is the opportunity for both sexy stars to top and bottom. Lord is fucked first; he becomes fairly aggressive when he has Temple bent over the work desk. Temple dispenses a giant white puddle on himself shortly before Lord spews onto his cock and balls.

Slade, having left work early, arrives home to find a fax from his admirer which makes mention of Slade fantasizing about all the men he sees. Cut to Clay Maverick and Steve Harper. Maverick, looking sexy and dark with longish sideburns, plays "the trade card" allowing Harper to offer him an expert blow job before he skewers him. Maverick plows the adorable Harper in a variety of positions that seem to enhance the idea that there is no romance here, only the business of fucking. Like the other bottoms in this flick, Harper busts his nut while being fucked. Maverick impresses with his far-reaching money shot - at least six jet-pulsing ropes of jizz.

The final sex scene is the inevitable match up of Slade and best friend Hammersmith. Surprise, surprise - Hammersmith was behind all of those intriguing phone calls. This scene is very romantic but lacks some of the film's earlier spark. There's a lot of really nice tongue hockey before Slade gets on his knees. In a rare porn move (well, at least a deliberately rare porn move) Slade begins lapping at Hammersmith’s tool while it is still flaccid. Soon though, he has transformed the limp noodle into a hard beef stick. The two swap blow jobs before Slade ever so briefly licks his buddy’s asshole. Slade then fucks Hammersmith from behind.

Things begin to heat up again when Hammersmith appears in an upside down position with his legs over his head. Slade fucks him while squatting and pressing his turgid tool into his best friend’s compliant orifice. Soon, Hammersmith shoots a nice load into his own mouth and onto his face. (Try to ignore Hammersmith’s crusty feet!) Slade pulls out of his friend’s butt in time to dribble a small load onto Hammersmith’s upturned ass. As the two buddies/lovers bask in the glory of one another and chat, their conversation opens up the possibility of a sequel as the credits begin to roll.

Cast:  Mark Slade, Clay Maverick, Rick Hammersmith, Tommy Lord, Steve Harper, Dean Temple, Jack Ryan

Director:  Derek Kent

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Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 320Kbps [Stream 01]
Running Time:  1:21:06
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