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The powerhouse stud gets the starring vehicle he deserves.
-Keeneye Reeves
Colton Ford is one lucky S.O.B. Debuting in Porn Struck II, he's risen to stardom with those chiseled features and hard hairy body. He's even scrummier now he's gone au naturel and let the salt and pepper hair kick in.
The box says, "He�s Ford tough." And I have no complaints. I�ve met him though, and he and his partner Blake Harper are so sweet, I have problems picturing this guy as anything remotely brutish. It�s all the same I guess. I bet Dred Scott is totally mild-mannered and lives in a bright pink house with two cats called Bette and Joan.

Still, Chi Chi, my talented cow of a bitch half-sister who never dies no matter how many elaborate Dick Dastardly-style traps I set, has dedicated an entire movie to this great performer�s talents; this is another you won�t want to miss.

It�s another of Cheech�s crazed storylines that even Wash West wouldn�t touch. Colton comes into possession of a magic mirror that will let him check out his various sexual sides.

Let the fucking commence!

First up on "magic mirror vision," Colton is shown his romantic side - read: tuxedo and flowers - and is paired with very doable cutey Land who asks the stud to �make lurve to me�, Colton needs no second invitation and is undressing in seconds and covering his partner with kisses before feeding him the famous tallywhacker. The two tongue each other�s bodies before facefucking each other. Colton works Land�s hole with his fingers and tongue, receiving groans of pleasure in the process. When Land straddles our star the screen looks ready to explode, and the camera treats us to great close-ups of sweaty torsos. When Colton shoots he grunts so loudly you�ll think he�s about to blow chunks from his stomach, not his ballsac!

The magic mirror compliments Colton�s stunning statuesque physique and bingo - we�re transported to an art gallery/natural history museum with Colton on display. Visiting the gallery are the two naughty nymphos Ross and Braun. They get turned on and say, �I wanna fuck you right here!� Colton�s trying his hardest to remain statue-like, but it�s difficult when two blonde studs are giving each other head at the bottom of your pedestal. Under Colton�s watchful eye, oh and two deer heads (they killed Donner and Blitzen!) things get naughtier; Ross is a great cocksucker and Braun loves to receive the attention.

As Ross lies between Colton�s legs and takes Braun�s boner the statue comes alive and calls out encouragement to our two buddies. They fuck even harder hearing Colton�s dirty talk, who poses, flexes and works his nipples for everyone�s enjoyment. Braun shoots first, showering cum on his partner and the sweaty Ford follows. When they both work on Ross they produce a great moneyshot and this hot scene draws to a close.

(I�d like to point out that Cadinot�s Mus�e Hom had a similar plotline, but I won�t split hairs. No matter how much I hate my sister I don�t want to see her sued so in defense I would like to point out that statues coming to life were in the Greek fables, so nerr! No-one has the right to say they invented it!)

The ever flattering magic mirror assures Colton that he can be slutty, as we cut to a bathroom scene with Wolfe cruising him at the urinal. Once he�s seen what Colton has to offer he�s on his knees getting his reward, covering it with sexdrool, quicker than you can say Jack Robinson. The two look at their handiwork in a convenient (non-magic) mirror and soon both are topless, Wolfe�s smooth six-pack contrasting nicely with our hairy hunk. In walks muscular Romoni (who looks like he�s had way too many late nights) and the two studs put on a great show for him until he too disrobes and joins in. He swallows both angry pieces before Colton spreads his asscheeks wide and has Wolfe tonguefuck the newcomer. Colton sure knows the right dialogue to get a scene flame-grilled!

Before Wolfe fucks Romoni we are treated to some great titplay, armpit-sucking (always great) cocksucking and rimming. Colton: did your mother never tell you that it�s bad manners to talk with your mouth full? Yet still he does, his tongue halfway up Wolfe�s butt. Our sexpigs use Colton�s hirsute chest as a cumrag, getting white cream mixed in with matted black hair. And there�s more to come!

We�ve saved the best till last as the magic mirror shows Colton how much of a hard worker he is, picturing him as a garage mechanic tuning up Benton�s car. Well, that�s abandoned after a few seconds (guess someone doesn�t like getting their nails dirty) and off come Colton�s clothes, forcing Benton to choke on a very hot hard cock. Benton doesn�t argue as Colton fucks his face, getting that wet meat even wetter with both their salivas.

Colton�s filthy mouth goes into overdrive taking this dirty vanilla scene to a higher level, and going even higher when muscular co-worker Slade joins in. He works Ford�s armpit before going down on Benton, then Ford, then both together. Colton fingerfucks his asshole as he gags on Benton�s wang.

The moans attract the attention of goateed beauty Williams who quickly receives oral attention from Colton and Benton. Colton gets his ass chewed on by the guys and four becomes five with the arrival of Lopez (whose praises I sang in my review of Mile Bi Club) who feeds his uncut meat to a willing Slade before Colton takes over, swallowing both at once. The saliva is going everywhere and this explosive scene just keeps going!

Slade is fucked by Colton who in turn is penetrated by Benton to make a daisy-chain. To go one better it becomes a four man chain as Williams� cock snakes its way up Benton�s tight end. This amazing sequence with hot vocals will get you dripping with delight, and it�s all presented in loving close-up! Colton (famed for his versatility) gets ridden by Williams as the rest hold his legs wide apart for deep penetrating action (and I�m sorry if that sounds like an ad for facial cleansers).

Finally Slade gets covered with the group�s sticky drippings as they French kiss and jerk off over him. Are Benton and Williams an item? I�m just asking because they are lip-locked like limpets and are dynamite together. Colton is drenched in buckets of sweat and lets rip with orgasmic cries that can best be described as yodeling. When Slade shoots, this amazing scene ends and you�ll be rewinding straight to your favorite bits over and over again.

The mirror has proved useful as an ego boost (we should all have one) and gives vanity a new angle. But I got a little tired of the endless �you�re so fucking hot� dialogue it gave. Yes, Colton�s amazing, but he misses one day at the gym and he�s gonna look like Pavarotti, right? But hey - right here right now he�s gorgeous and we don�t care. You�ll love him. And if you�ve never seen him in action before this, you�ll fall in love.

Colton Ford.
He�s Ford Tough. He�s gorgeous.
He sweats like a rapist in a plastic raincoat.
Buy this video. You�ll make a lot of people happy.
Especially yourself.
-Froufrou A. Gogo

2002, 110 min
Country:  US
Studio:  All Worlds Video
Cast:  Colton Ford, Brad Benton, Adam Wolfe, Jim Slade, Chad Williams, Jay Ross, Gavin Braun, Tino Lopez, Jason Land, Rob Romoni
Director:  Chi Chi LaRue
Screenwriter:  Chris Steele
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