Ross part 8

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Descriptionstraight hell / breeder fuckers
Now that we have this greasy young skaterboi in our clutches we're going to use him in any way we want. Not only will we use his horny hetero body to get off, but he's a subject for our psychological experiment. How can we train smarmy sexy ingrates like this to sexually service men rather than causing havoc on our streets? Through degrading, belligerent and relentless bondage and submission! Ross' wrists and ankles are tied to the table so he can't escape when Dave rams his arse into the angry boy's face. He demands Ross push his tongue up his stinking hole while Adrian delivers some bare-handed spanking to the resistant boy's bare arse.
When a boy has balls as big and full as Ross does he will be nothing but trouble. His testicles are tied tight.
Every time the men deliver a satisfying whack to his arse with their hands or a vicious flogger the boy jerks forward causing his genitals considerable pain. Soon his nuts and cock are stretched and sore. The men gob on his exposed arsehole and loosen his sphincter with their fingers before screwing him long and deep with a thick dildo on a stick. A vibrator is applied to his sensitive glans and banjo-string making the fucker squirm with the undeniable pleasure that goes courses through his cock and body. He angrily grits his teeth as sperm shoots from his achingly hard dick. Ross must lap up his own mess now so that he's left angry, sore and dripping with cum.
Enjoy !!! ^^V
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