♺ Punishment Pickup [Spider Productions]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-06-22 |
TLA Rating:  4 out of 4 stars
Year: 2000, 80 min
Country:  US
Studio :  Spider Productions
Cast:  Master Thor, Master Morse, Skinpig, Jan, Marcel


Spider Productions' shocking debut is a terrific fantasia of abduction, punishment, pain and torture. Anal clamp devices, hot waxings, bondage, slave encampments, cock and ball torture, floggings, impalings, fireplay, titplay, body shaving, the whole damned thing. A must for fans of the genre.

This torture flick is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! As this "adventure" picture opens a slave is naked and tied to an outdoor brick wall. The masters quickly usher in another and harness him to a dog chain that just about reaches the first guy. Mr. Dog isn’t happy not being able to get to his friend’s cock so he sets about unhinging himself and then begins sucking cock. The dog slave has a bull ring in his nose, a lot of tattoos and a shaved head. His friend has a slight, shaved body and pierced tits; he also sports one big piece of pierced cock meat. As these two go at it we see the Masters (who drive a mini-van...hehe!) kidnapping some guy who is hitchhiking on a country road.

The masters bring their newest captive back to the compound and chain him, by the neck, to an overhead harness in the yard near the others (some people have plastic pink flamingos, others slaves). This new guy doesn’t look as innocent up close, but the masters don’t look as scary either. Oh well, suspend your disbelief. The masters strip their skinny, bald new slave down and begin to hit him with a crop and pull on his nipples. Soon, they are covering his not very hairy body with shaving cream and prepare to shave him. While one captor shaves him the other holds his head back menacingly. He is shaved, chest, belly, cock and balls. Then the cuter captor gives him some kisses while pulling very hard on his newly shorn nipples.

The dog guy slave is then walked into a garage area where he is placed onto some swing type thing. He is raised up, spanked and then has his balls clamped with some scary looking metal vise like device. The device is then attached to a weight to stretch the slave’s balls. He is flogged some more and then fucked with the handle of the cat nine tails. Master then brings out a giant black dildo and starts fucking his slave; lots of moans and cries follow. Into his hole goes a lit candle (wick facing out). The master also has another candle, with which he is burning his subject, both with the flame and the hot wax. Hot wax is then dripped directly into his asshole. In fact, the wax is not only dripped in, it is also poured in.

After his ass has been sufficiently burned he is turned over and a weight is attached to his cock’s foreskin. Now he gets beat on his chest and stomach, crying and moaning all the while. Next they hoist him up by cords attached to his bull ring (in his septum) and stick a lit candle in his mouth; as the candle melts he has to move his head to determine where the wax will drip. As this is going on one of the masters lights a fire under his stretched-out balls. This dude is being tortured like an alley cat, with scads of wax hardening all over his body and cock. Ouch!!!

The masters then turn their attention to the other slaves, with more of the above-described type of torture going on and on for a good hour. Things do turn a little more sexual as the men suck, fuck, jerk, finger and kiss, with everyone eventually shooting at least one load.

If most porn is "vanilla", than this is most definitely "rocky road" full of razors.
-Scott Templeton

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