Raging Stallion - Ink Storm (MP4)

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DescriptionFrom the press notes, courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios:
"Tattoos are about transformation. A call from within that appears on the skin. They are about someone¡¯s need to be seen as the unique person that they are. Their stories are etched into their skin like markings of DNA. Some people believe that their tattoos were destiny, just waiting to be released by the needle as it cuts over the flesh.

Jake Deckard brings you a movie featuring some of the hottest tattooed studs in porn today. Each of these men are rare. They feel the need to express their individuality in animal ways. They are made of flesh, and live on the edge. Hungry to be touched, explored, and pushed to their limits, each of these pairs of men found themselves in situations that allow them to release themselves and be free. They know sometimes you have to suffer for beauty. They are the wild boys and they are horny fuckers on the lookout for action. Jake has captured these colorful characters in fun, sexy, hardcore action. It's a fun-house-thrill-ride-fuck-fest.

We open with wild sex-otter Steve Cruz and tattooed beauty Logan McCree. It's a classic porn set-up of the hunt and the chase. Steve enters a tattoo parlor and finds wolf-man Logan waiting for him. They show off for each other, disrobing and strutting. Logan invites Steve to the back of the shop and the action begins. The unbelievably beautiful Logan pulls out his fat, inked cock and Steve pounces on it like a cub at a picnic. He sucks, slurps, and spits. He performs fantastic feats with his tongue on Logan's uncut rod before eating Logan¡¯s big, white, plump, and inked ass. Steve sucks on his pink pucker-hole. It's so perfect it's like it has never been fucked before. Steve then offers up his hairy pig hole.

Steve, on the other hand, has been fucked well and loves it. It's like he can't live without cock in his ass! Logan pushes in deep, the tattoos on his cock marking the intensity of his fuck. Steve's eyes bulge maniacally as he takes the deep pounding. As Logan holds Steve's legs open wide to fuck him, the scale of his full body tattoos becomes apparent. Shot against incredible blue tile work of the tat parlor, their skin pops with vivid intensity as they rock and roll their way to creaming each other. Logan's orgasm and cum shot must be seen to be believed. You can't bullshit this kind of intensity.

Johnny Knoxville would love this next act! Montaz Morgan is ready to complete his tattoo work. The final piece is his cock. This is a real tattoo shot in real time action. As Montaz cries and whines in pleasure and pain, the needle buzzes and whirs its way down his dick. He even stops the action half way through and begs for a break. (This is the real thing folks: When someone says a tattoo hurts, you'll know it for sure now!) And to make it even crazier, this fucker starts jerking his raw dick as soon as the artist gets done working on him. He cums, screaming for mercy from his own hand. It's cum and ink and it's all happening here! Right before your eyes, folks!

So, a guy walks into a bar. That's the setup for the next act. Sleazy marked-up bartender Ricky Sinz waits for a patsy like Tamas Eszterhazy. The tension is thick and the attitude strong as they smoke and stare each other down-the game is on! Staring continues until Tamas gets up to take a piss. Ricky follows him, stands over him and demands attention. It's refused at first, but who could refuse a dirty white boy like Ricky? The hungry Hungarian is soon on his knees sucking Ricky's cock. Both of these men are heavily tattooed beasts. As the camera travels up and down their inked skin, it's like it worships their marred, stunning bodies. Tamas climbs up on a set of barstools and Ricky fucks him hard, demanding every bit of his attention. They are connected by cock, ass, and ink as they glide over one another. The colors of the bar are dark and muted as their colorful skin moves and bounces with each thrust. Tamas' ass gets torn up and he loves it. It's why he came here! Tamas moves into doggie position, which makes his ass look even more incredible, and Ricky pushes a mean round of fuck into him before they each finish off in a violent frenzy. It's porn noir at it's sexiest.

Sometimes sex is spooky. Deep in a dream state, big daddy Jake Deckard is haunted by desire. And desire finds him, crawls into bed with him, and wakes him with a start. In this case his desire is Logan McCree and he's hungry for some loving. When Logan¡¯s advances are not returned, he takes what he wants. Licking Jake¡¯s pits, chewing his nipples, and seducing him, Logan is such an otherworldly stunning beauty that it doesn't take much to convince muscle beast Jake to see things Logan¡¯s way. The deep affection between these two shines and glints. First Logan fucks Jake's throat with his huge tattooed piece. Jake is quite a cocksucker and takes the intense throat fuck with rapture. Jake then moves onto Logan¡¯s sweet fleshy asshole. He sucks and licks on it like he wishes he could turn Logan inside out or crawl inside of him.

As they move into a solid round of 69-ing, Logan's amazing body of art is shown fully. You can tell it was methodically planned and executed. Jake moves onto fucking his pretty ass. For those of you who think real sexual passion between men is missing in porn, you shouldn't miss this. The spark is clear and the heat is intense, especially when they flip. Logan drives his cock into Jake with fiery abandon. Jake is more than up to this pile-drive and howls in hunger and torment. Jake delivers one more solid fuck to the tatted intruder and pumps the jizz out of his swollen pecker. Shot with the romance and fervor reminiscent of old horror films and Edgar Allan Poe, this is hardcore fucking in satin sheets. "Beauty" and "Fear." Logan's incredible performance as a manly vampire makes this a scene you will not forget.

Young stud Cory Koons walks into a tattoo parlor looking for some new ink. Instead he finds mad love! Shot in a tattoo parlor as cool and colorful as the hot fuckers, this quirky romp on a tattoo chair is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Tober Brandt has never looked better. This huge, tattooed stud always has a good time and has an excellent flair for physical comedy. After these two paw and pull at each other, struggling to get out of their tight clothes, Cory goes down on Tober's thick member as they giddily move through positions. Cory climbs up onto the chair and monkey-fucks Tober's throat before deftly spinning around and planting his big creamy ass right on Tober's square jaw. Cory is just so cute, still wearing his athletic tube socks while he gets his ass nailed in half by Tober's big fucker.

He groans and grunts and takes it like a fucking pro. If this ain't love at first sight, then nothing is! You have here two of the sexiest, coolest guys in porn. The ones you see on the street and wish you could see fucking, and here they are! Everything about this scene bounces, from the rich color of the shop to the tattoos on our men¡¯s bodies, to Tober's big ol¡¯ muscle ass, to the chair they are fucking in. Fucking has never been so much fun! Soon the cum flies, gobs and gobs all over the place, as Tober and Cory spray each other down. The new ink will have to wait!"

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