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BG East WS19 Kayden Keller vs Mason Brooks

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DescriptionThere's hot, humid weather in store today at the Wrestleshack. Kayden Keller and Mason Brooks each size the other up in their pouch-hugging low-cut singlets, and they like what they see. Tall, sinewy Kayden looms over an undaunted Mason, who gives his opponent the once over, comments favorably on the fit of the lycra against Kayden's bulging muscle, and then says, "Shame I'm gonna have to rip it off of you." The big guy huffs, replying skeptically. "You think you can?"

This is a strip match both these wrestlers have been anxiously awaiting. The late afternoon sun slices across the Wrestleshack mat, probing the pine-patterned walls. Already, within seconds, the temperature seems to have risen by ten degrees. The time is right. Kayden and Mason belong to a new breed of BG East wrestler, part of a new "brat pack," you could say, along with Drake Marcos, Ty Alexander, and Trey Dixon. When they're not feuding or sometimes hanging out together at poolside or out on the town, they sometimes hang with their role model and part-time bad influence: Skrapper.

Mason and Kayden have been itching to get their hands on each other since this group emerged. A highly popular blog site dubbed Kayden a "heel-in-training," and indeed his size and surly attitude seem to make him a natural bully. Mason, the more experienced of the two, has something of a reputation for being a mouthy bad-ass too, despite his babyface surfboy looks. These two wrestlers are hot to shake the old shack off its foundations, and strip and steam up the windows too.

Kayden gets the first takedown, but Mason looks decidedly in control of the situation. Even under the weight of his opponent, Mason wraps his strong legs around Kayden's body and begins the slow but time-tested process of wearing down the big guy. There's a lot of Kayden to wear down, though, and the task of controlling him will not be easy. It's a testament to Mason's mat-savvy that, with unanticipated speed, he gets the first fall of the match, with a deftly executed figure-four choke.

Furious over being submitted so quickly by his smaller opponent, Kayden fights back with everything he's got. He straddles Mason's waist, using his weight advantage to keep his opponent pressed to the mat. Mason attempts to punch his way free, aiming for the gut, but the blows have virtually no impact on Kayden. Ever resourceful, Mason draws upon his knowledge of grappling holds and his opponent's weak spots to reverse, stretching Kayden out and twisting his pectoral muscles and nipples.

By the halfway point, both wrestlers have worked up a fine, silky sweat that illuminates their bodies. They are well paired in a match that features lots of legwork, mostly scissors and figure fours, along with some jabbing and hair-pulling, then later ear- and neck-nibbling. The homoerotic heat that flared up when they first faced off only intensifies as the competition escalates. At one point, Kayden crams Mason's face to his crotch. He taunts him in his distinctly bedroom-y voice: "You know you love it down there ... You love taking it, don't you?"

Soon Mason's slick body slides free of his singlet, and he strips off his opponent's gear (as promised) and starts using it to choke, gag, and bridle by turns, while thrusting himself against Kayden's back. The trash talk subsides to heavy breathing and animal groaning as the nude and sweaty bodies strain and struggle. When Mason asks, "You about had enough?" Kayden fires back without skipping a beat, "No way! Not even close!" Mason smiles: "I was hoping you'd say that!" So were we!

Keller-versus-Brooks represents the new wave of BGE competition, taking everything we fans love about wrestling to its absolute limit. From sweat-streaked bubble butts to "magic" nipples, the bout earns a place alongside the Wrestleshack series' hottest contests, combining hardcore aggression and supercharged libido in a highly volatile cocktail of lust, ego, oneupmanship, and solid submission wrestling.
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