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DescriptionALL 5 scenes from vid titled WET DREAMS in HD format

Anything that involved Thomas Dyk, a sauna and a couple of equally hot, horny guys was never, ever gonna be in danger of proving a flop – a fact that director, Vlado Iresch, clearly had in mind when he conjured up the premise in this truly fantastic scene. However, to add a certain mystique to what could otherwise be regarded as a predictably exquisite set-piece, the legendary filmmaker decided to present the show as a fantasy in the head of lead-star, George Basten.

As a result, you might almost be forgiven for thinking that the three lads aren’t going to have sex to begin with, jostling into the hot-room together but making no effort to express any intimacy. But cue Basten’s brief intervention and the performance takes on a whole new perception; with the trio of gorgeous twinks quickly abandoning their original reticence for a session of unbridled fornication that’s almost as steamy as the sauna itself!

On this occasion, it’s Dyk who takes centre-stage; first slurping on both his mate’s magnificent, uncut shafts, before taking Simon’s offering up the ass and then subsequently plonking himself down on Prokov’s ramrod and riding it like the total cock-whore we all know that he could be at his prime. Indeed, there’s simply no denying that Dyk was hyped up to the max when this classic was recorded; taking a full-on facial from Simon, getting his ass creamed by Prokov and squirting his own terrific wad to boot! All whilst continuing to look as fucking radiant and desirable as ever. No fucking wonder that the boy continues to be one of your favourite STAXUS stars ever!

Scene 2:
It’s difficult to guess who had the greater sense of sexual anticipation at the start of this classic threesome from legendary director, Vlado Iresch. Miro Benks, the young blond masseur, suddenly presented with the opportunity to give hunky Drago Lambeck a real hard rub-down after his swim? Lambeck, who gets the massage? Or Robin Liu, who starts the scene on the sidelines, perhaps hoping to feel Benks’ hands on his tired, rippled muscles?

The sad fact is we’ll never know. What we do know, however, is that all three of these young fellows are very quickly in the mood for something much more intense than a simple back-rub. As a result, it’s no time at all before the masseur’s hands have found their way inside Lambeck’s trunks – at which point Liu promptly crosses the room and joins the other two fellows for a fabulous ménage-a-trois! Of course, it’s pretty obvious from the start as to which of these three fellows is going to be getting hard dick up his ass; and having witnessed all of the guys taking it in turns to slurp on each other’s cocks, we’re soon treated to the glorious sight of Benks being bundled over the massage couch so that the two horny tops can pummel his arse and mouth in equal measure.

All this in itself is surely more than enough to get you creaming big-time; but just in case it’s not enough, we are then treated to Lambeck spunking up the blond boy’s ass and Liu spurting all over his face. All of which is nicely topped off by seeing Benks getting his arse energetically fingered to the point of him jerking out his own creamy wad!

Scene 3:
We clearly have no wish to detract from this fabulous classic scene, but there’s no denying the fact that we can’t help feeling just that little bit disappointed that it represents the only time that the gorgeous Alex Frezier ever appeared in front of the STAXUS cameras. With his dark, handsome looks and his toned physique, we’ve absolutely no doubt that he’d have been a top-notch favourite – but some things, as they say, are just not meant to be. Milan Breeze, in total contrast, was unquestionably one of our more prolific performers during the mid 2000s – a young little cock-whore, who could always rely on to put on a class show each and every time. As indeed proves to be the case here in this shower-room duo.

Indeed, if Frezier was in need of any inspiration of how to perform in front of the camera, he’d most definitely got the right partner here – Breeze quickly tempting the stud out of his swimming trunks so that he can slurp on the big, fat cock inside, before presenting Frezier with one of the hottest, horniest man-holes in the biz to do with as he pleases!

You don’t need a degree to guess that the hot stud takes full advantage of his blond buddy’s generosity by rewarding him with surely one of the hottest fucks of his life – Frezier’s balls quite literally gaily slapping against Breeze’s rump like Newton’s Cradle! Indeed, this surely has to be one of the hottest locker-room couplings of its ilk; made all the hotter by the magnificent wad of jizz that Frezier spews over his pal’s rear, before Breeze fires all cylinders over the stud’s tongue and face. A definite ball-buster!

Scene 4:
A rather fresh-faced Cameron Jackson joins Tomi Sem and Phill Berger for a heated session in a Jacuzzi – a trio of the very hottest talent that’s made all the more irresistible by Vlado Iresch’s decision to add STAXUS favourite, George Basten, into the mix. Basten, of course, was already one of the hottest young men on the circuit by the time this escapade was captured on celluloid for posterity; and he does nothing here to undermine his position as one of the best starlets that our studio has ever produced.

Jackson, meanwhile, is as fucking irresistible as ever – once again putting that magnificent ramrod of his to full use, this time on Berger’s over-eager little pucker. Those expecting a full-on foursome will be possibly left just that tiny bit disappointed – this scene actually constitutes two simultaneous duos, as opposed to a full-on “orgy” – but seeing two STAXUS legends taking on two of the hottest cock-cravers around more than makes up for it.

Indeed, is there actually anyone with a pulse who wouldn’t be totally enamoured of these performances? Jackson, in particular, is in fine form throughout, culminating in him jerking off that slightly upturned shaft of his to an extremely sticky crescendo, whilst Berger hangs his mouth expectantly for the resultant jizz.

Needless to report, Jackson’s rather violent climax is just a quarter of the total spunk on offer in the closing minutes here; and one can only wonder at all the cleaning-up that had to be undertaken once the cameras had finally finished rolling! In short, a five-star, cum-inducing, ball-busting classic!

Scene 5:
It’s not difficult to understand how Dominik Trojan established himself as one of the must-have stars of European gay porn in the mid-2000s. With his almost flawless looks and a toothy smile that could quite literally melt even the most hardened of hearts, this young fellow only had to stand in front of a camera to get legions of gay fans creaming themselves into ecstasy. On this particular occasion, however, director Vlado Iresch decided to turn the tables a little bit, pushing Procci into the role of a cameraman and introducing him to the parallel talents of George Basten – already a major star under the STAXUS label.

The result, not surprisingly, is porn gold; with Trojan quickly abandoning his camera once the model-shoot is complete so that he can unleash Basten’s handsome ramrod from the confines of his swimming trunks! It’s an admittedly daring turn on Trojan’s part, but it soon pays dividends – Basten immediately returns the favour, and before you know it they’re 69-ing away like a couple of cock-crazed whores. Then again, of course, “cock-crazed whores” pretty much sums up both these divine beauties – both of whom had pretty much fucked their way through the entire Czech gay porn model catalogue by this point in their careers!

Suffice it to say that it’s no time at all before Basten is ploughing the full length of his dick into Trojan’s hairless pucker; signalling the start of a truly terrific pairing, which only concludes when Procci almost ruptures his balls mid-fuck and Basten calls it a wrap by jerking off the contents of his nads over his mate’s cute face!
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