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H0USE 0F C0RBlN Chapters 1 - 5 (720p)

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DescriptionStarring: Colt, Noel, Quinn & Harper
Description:  DC is a town full of intrigue, but four of C0RBIN FI$HER'$ hottest all-American college studs manage to make things even more intriguing as they take over the town and get in to some hot action with one another. Noel, Colt, Quinn, and Harper engage in entirely new kinds of DC power struggles, resulting in 5 must-see episodes that make up this exclusive and original CF Select Collection! Shot entirely on location in the nation's capital, House of C0RBIN shows us the real action in DC happens when the suits and ties come off!


The lines between clean and dirty blur when Colt and Noel square off for a power hour rendezvous in the shower. First embarked as a friendly encounter, they soon have to face the hard and long truths of their raging hard-ons.  Colt drops all pretenses and gets down to sucking on Noel’s huge cock.  Without pausing for a rest, Noel gives Colt’s cock the respect it deserves- with a deep-throated blowjob!

The session heats up even more as both men try to outmaneuver each other- Noel with his dick and Colt with his ass. One grinds as the other thrusts then they switch off to see who is the better dick-serving candidate until all their resources and loads have been spent and sprayed out!

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Power struggle gets sizzling when Quinn takes charge of Noel’s body. From exploiting his weak points, to going in head first with his own hard point, Quinn wrestles out some hot reactions from the quiet and shy Noel. After all, Quinn doesn’t ever allow himself to be shut out from any steamy proceedings!

Noel tries to regain control but it’s of no use. His ass is Quinn’s and his new representative is making sure to not leave any loose ends! From eating him out, having him swallow his cock, to fucking out a thick and tasty cum from Noel- he completes his claiming by feeding Noel his load and having him lick up every drop!
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Harper has a winning smile and leading personality that gains him a lot of respect and admiration from him peers- but respect and admiration only goes so far. He wants power and control, and is willing to do anything for it!

Newer to the game, but incredibly talented and aggressive, Colt is fucking his way to the top and making himself quite the adversary to any guy who wants to top him- which Harper oh-so desperately does.

Luring him aside, Harper uses extreme measures to expose Colt’s ass. Then he pounces- spitting, licking, and then filling him completely. The situation escalates, and Harper presses in deeper and harder. Harper may be looking out for himself, but that doesn’t stop Colt from cumming really hard. This drives Harper over the edge but he quickly reclaims his focus, licking up both their jizz and dropping it into Colt’s mouth.

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The only thing that is shaky in Quinn and Colt’s alliance is the bed they’re on. Colt’s dick takes a tall and thick stand to be stroked and rubbed. Quinn keeps good on his promise to give him this and more!

They wage the sexiest kind of war on their bodies and the pounding runs deep and fast.  Embracing the chaos, they go to town on each other- face-to-face, face to ass, and all else that drives them wild behind closed doors. Quinn screams out in pleasure and begs to be majorly whipped and spanked!

As Colt widens Quinn, he makes it his mission to leave a lasting impression of his time in DC. After Quinn’s unloaded, Colt uses his cum as lube to bring on his own big finish. In other words- mission accomplished!
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Quinn and Harper run into trouble when Harper boldly demands that they address the palpable chemistry between. Well dressed and better versed in the politics of satisfaction, they lay their cards and hard cocks on the table to be sucked and fucked until fully satisfied!

No negotiation is needed as both men share common interests, namely, deep oral and anal penetration!

Harper travels down Quinn’s body and into his hole. Unrelenting in his thrusts he coaxes Quinn to give up control and become his moaning puppet. But this is Washington DC after all, and the power doesn’t stay in his hands too long. When the friction becomes too much for Harper, the tide turns for Quinn. With an ass full of Harper’s cum, Quinn pounds into his opponent. He forces another release out of him before sealing his victory in seeding Harper’s tight ass!

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