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The debut release from studio Jackrabbit Releasing is this hot-as-sin all-black entry. Featuring a bevy of donkey-dicked dudes and beefy bodybuilders, it'll certainly satisfy those who crave their meat deep, dark and delicious. Simple premise; definitely satisfying.
There's no real storyline here (a big plus in my book) and the action is quick in coming. (You may be as well, if you're not careful.) We open on slim, smooth, shaved-headed (and aptly monikered) cutie Anaconda rutting about on a sofa with Ty Thomas. Ty (darker complexion than Anaconda; short dreads; swimmer's build) takes to Anaconda's snake with his eager mouth, workin' that piece something lovely. Rather quickly he's on his stomach, straddling the sofa and taking Anaconda's namesake up the tight wazoo. Lots of good potty talk from Anaconda make the scene really take off.
The fucking alternates from slow, deep, and erotic... to full-on piston pounding. Some effective camera moves give us some nice shots of the action. The fucking goes on for quite some time, alternating between Ty getting it like a bitch in heat from behind to riding Anaconda's E-ticket. (If you're a fan of full fuck shots this will prove to be one of the flick's best scenes.) A side by side jack off closes the sequence: Ty dumps a sizeable load on his stomach; Anaconda spurts an intense (but smallish) load on Ty's torso.
Next we find cover model Rudy (on the left) in his massage parlor "attending" to client Deandre. I love massage scenes, but most of the time they're so stupidly staged: ten seconds of leg rubbing and then bam, there's a cock in an ass. (If that's really what happens at massage parlors someone get me a classified section ASAP.)
Rudy (who did the 1997 video Black Workout 8 under the name Zan Vega James) is a buffed-to-the-gods, beautifully-faced, doe-eyed massage therapist visited by client Deandre. The willing client splays out on the table and gets a serious workover by Rudy. What made the scene ball-churning for me was the massage itself. Now, it doesn't last very long, and Rudy definitely is no pro, but the rubbing and frottaging really got me going. Rudy eventually starts probing Deandre's tight pucker... and Deandre goes weak. (I would've too.)
The scene is mainly all about the fuck though - and what a fuck it is. Once again we get slow, deep, and sensual fucking that escalates to a power slam, and back again. Rudy's cock is big and fat, and Deandre is awed by it. The "talk" veers close to stereotypical banjee-boy speak a few times, but gets back on track quickly. (Rudy quietly crowing "Take it, take it" nearly made me spew my junk.) Camera angles are again very effective here and elevated the whole scene; watch for the reverse shot in the mirror.
Killer-bodied Ginuwine (not the soul singer - I wish!) takes on thug-like Wood's wood in the next scene. A bit of thug banter leads to G going down on W in a very un-presidential manner. Both men are hot (Ginuwine is built like a brick shit house) and the sex is once again well-shot. Fave part has to be the all-too-brief shot of Ginwine s-l-o-w-l-y easing himself onto Wood's cock. So, so, hot. Something was missing though; it turns intense, but G's occasional "Woo!" yelp sounded forced. Still the bods rock and the loads were decent.
It's clash of the titans in the beefy-bodied next scene as cover models Rudy and Juice square off. Both are pumping iron in a gym which of course, just like in everyday life, leads to both getting buck nekkid and fucking like jack rabbits. While I wish there had been more flexing, posing and true muscle worship, the scene is another highlight. Not alot of dialogue here (it would have helped a bit in this instance) and the top-bottom routine is made clear quite quickly. (Rudy gets to squeeze the juice out of Juice.)
But if you dig seeing a huge muscle guy get fucked like a bitch (Rudy's words, not mine) then you'll dig it. The weight bench comes in handy here too, as Juice gets on his back, grabs a hold of the bar, and takes everything the equally-tattooed topper has to give. Juice eventually squeezes out his piping hot creamy marmalade, and Rudy drops a smattering dollop of spooge on Juice's chin.
The final scene may not be the most technically polished, but it's hands down my favorite. Here's why - horsecocks and blowjobs... two of life's greatest pleasures. Sexcyone (goofy name, I agree) is on a sofa with Panther. Sexcyone is a medium-complexioned, smooth, nicely inked, swimmer's-built, horsehung cutie pie whose silky voice made me "spring" to life instantaneously. (Phone number, please!) Panther is darker-complexioned, handsome (if a tad fey) and similarly built. After some semi-cruisey talk, Sexcyone unbuttons his low-slung jeans and invites Panther to pounce.
Panther takes Sexcyone's already semi-hard uncut meat in his mouth, closes his eyes, and starts on his journey. While not able to truly deep throat the monster (that would've been awesome to see) he treats Sexcyone's cock with all the care and respect so gorgeous a specimen deserves. Plenty of mouth-watering aural effects litter the soundtrack, and Sexcyone's gently probing yet undeniably dirty-minded banter make for quite the scene. Sexcyone stands up as Panther settles in on the sofa for some more serious work. Well-placed camera shots gives us viewers wonderful views of all the oral action; I wanted to lick the screen a few times myself.
As with every scene in this flick the transition from oral to anal is a bit abrupt, but the buttwork is really well done in this scene especially. Typical porn-style camerawork, but the sight and sounds of Panther taking Sexcyone in the ass was fierce. After a ball-busting pounding, Sexcyone stops and starts fingering Panther's hole. Hot hot hot. Panther then flips onto his stomach, gets mounted from behind, and power-slammed. Delicious. Sexcyone soon yelps out "Oh man you wanna taste this?" No oral cumshot, but relatively decent loads are shot before fading to the credits.
Most films of this genre fall into the nausea-inducing racially questionable stereotypical "thug porn" category and force the viewer to slog through shitty production values and weak or terribly staged sex. I'm happy to report that Bustin' In, while having its share of "ruffneck" trade and a few ill-conceived well-worn scenarios, is very effective and surprisingly well-done. Yes, some of the dialogue is typical thug, but it's worked into the scenes so well that it actually helps. Another plus? No crappy canned muzak (save for a bit before each scene starts) during the sex; we get to hear every whispered nasty word, cock slurp and butt plunge nice and clearly.


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