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The talented Mr. Blake finds his ideal leading man for "The Bouncer," in the impressive form of bodybuilder Jake Gianelli. Jake fits the bill for the director's signature straight-bodybuilder-has-gay-sex theme perfectly -- it's as if he was born to play the part. And, to drive the point, Jake starts off in bed with his girlfriend, Sara Diaz, but nothing sexual happens other than an over-the-tighty-whities grope. Jake is a bouncer who is also into other stuff. Namely, helping his buds get bigger through the use of -- Gasp! -- illegal supplements. And he's not above asking for sexual favors in trade for his wares.

After Sara kisses Jake and departs, Jake immediately plugs in a video of muscle daddy Gage Blake, getting naked and jerking off. Gage sports an enormous Prince Albert from the head of his uncut dick, and his body is rough-hewn and wonderful. Jake gets hot watching Gage stroke, but by the time Gage gushes, Jake hasn't hauled out his dick, he's caressing the pouch of his underwear. Tease!

Jake then takes a shower as his gardeners, Ben Campezi and Viktor Perseo, sneak in to fuck in the bedroom. Jake has rather foolhardily left a stack of money in the room, and they play with it as they get a taste of each other's uncut dicks. Both Viktor and Ben have buff bodies and are handsome as hell. Ben, the smaller of the two, winds up on bottom, his ass looking ripe and fuckable. Viktor, much bigger and vascular, rims Ben, then slides his mushroom-headed dick in between Ben's globe-like cheeks, doggy and missionary. Ben loves it, and the plugging of his gorgeous ass is captured perfectly. Viktor pulls out, shoots on Ben's thigh, Ben follows, and coats his smooth belly with white stuff.

Meanwhile, Jake finishes his shower and takes off in his car. He calls Tony Cage and tries to score some ass, but Tony blows him off. Tony is tall, handsome and muscular, and continues to work out on his deck, shirtless in faded jeans. He has the kind of muscularity that screams real man, not gym queen. He strips down to a string bikini, then fully naked, exposing a completely shaved pubic area. He jerks off, fantasizing about Jake (who is again in the shower). By far, my favorite part is when he spreads his thick thighs and exposes his smooth asshole, which winks at the camera.

Jake, frustrated by Tony's turndown, heads to the gym to work off some steam. In the locker room, he hooks up with hunky Jason Hawke, who is looking for a little of some of what Jake has to offer. Jason only wants juice, as in the muscle-building kind, but Jake has a different kind of juice in mind. To that end, Jake trades blows with, and then rims, the would-be client. Jason ends up, despite his protests of being a straight guy, under Jake's thick dick getting plowed. Jason is totally believable as a breeder, even as he's spreading his cheeks, doggy and then missionary. It's quite a good performance. The fact that they fuck on a bench in the middle of the locker room is just icing on the cake. They jerk off in tandem, both loads winding up on Jason's belly.

The next match-up is a dream combo of the perfect top and the perfect bottom: Tony Valentino and Jim Slade, respectively. As if to add even more testosterone to the mix, they perform in and around a big black Hummer. Tall Tony has a most impressive uncut dick, and humpy Jim's bubble-butt is smooth and tanned. Jim warms Tony up with a long, slow suck -- greedily deep-throating the huge cock. Throughout, Tony does his inimitable brand of trash-talking, which is both nasty and riveting. Tony turns Jim around and slaps his dick against the underside of Jim's balls and ass, making him beg to be fucked. Even though the warm-up is terrific, the fuck has to be seen to be believed, with Jim enthusiastically taking the entire dick up his ass from behind, then hopped up on it and bouncing, as Tony is perched on the back of the Hummer. When Tony blows his load, Jim catches it both on his tongue and on his face, and it's a huge, creamy cum-shot. Jim jerks his dick until he shoots, Tony's cummy dick still in his face, Tony's cum dripping off his cheek. These two burn up the screen.

Jake then teams up with Viktor Perseo and Ben Campezi for a three-way. Jake and Viktor start with mutual rims and blows, followed by Ben getting sucked by Jake, Ben then sucks Jake and Viktor, who are kissing side-by-side. Jake lines Viktor and Ben up on the edge of the bed, their perky asses in the air, rims both, and then fucks both. They all line up and jerk their cocks to glorious climaxes.

"The Bouncer," an exceptionally sexy effort, is a Blue Blake production, so there's a twist at the end, of course, but we're not going to give it away.

DVD bonuses include a cum-shot review (all the cum-shot footage is edited into one scene for immediate viewing); behind-the-scenes footage (outtakes and bloopers); slide-show gallery; trailers ("Crash of the Titans," "Hard as Rock," "Muscle Penitentiary" and "Straight Bodybuilders Do").

A DVD Review by Martin Cox (hxxp://www.ManNet.com)

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Starring Jake Gianelli, Jim Slade, Ben Campezi, Tony Valentino, Jason Hawke, Viktor Perseo, Gage Blake, Tony Cage and Blue Blake in a non-sexual role.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Big Blue Productions DVD.

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