Taking Flight Part 2

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Descriptiondirector Chris Steele
editor Max Phillips
Colby Taylor
make-up Domini
Bradley Picklesimer
music E.M. Diaz
production asst. Christopher Brian
Adam Killian
production mgr. Adam Q. Robinson
stills Greg Lenzman
Mick Hicks
John Eastman
videography Max Phillips
videography asst. Colby Taylor

Carlo Cox
Christoph Scharff
Collin O'Neal
Gus Mattox
Jason Adonis
Josh Weston
Kent Larson
Mark Bloom
Matthew Rush
Maxx Diesel
Owen Hawk
Rob Romoni
Troy Rebel
K Spike (98+)

Taking Flight is the two-part adventure following the sexual exploits of a flight crew and their passengers on the plane and around London.

Part 2 begins right where Part 1 left off... and the flight-plan is filled with more erotic stopovers.

1. Josh Weston, Jason Adonis
Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston runs into Jason Adonis at a sex club, with both deciding to act on their attraction. Their flirtations give way to the kissing, sucking, rimming, and fucking they wanted all along. Josh tastes every inch before getting filled with Jason’s big cock.

2. Owen Hawk, Troy Rebel, Carlo Cox, Mark Bloom, Maxx Diesel, Christoph Scharff
As they exit the club, Josh and Jason pass a group of street toughs on the prowl. But Falcon Exclusive Maxx Diesel and Christoph Scharff, Owen Hawk, Troy Rebel, Carlo Cox and Mark Bloom have more than trouble on their minds. Mark wants something to smoke, so his mates give him more than enough cock to satisfy his oral craving. These blokes need it bad, and set out to satisfy each other in every combination possible. From sucking, to rimming, and then ultimately pairing up to pound each others' asses, hot alley sex doesn’t get better than this.

3. Gus Mattox At, Kent Larson Ab
On the flight home, a tired Jason leaves the cockpit to stretch. Co-pilot and Falcon Exclusive Gus Mattox puts the plane on autopilot so he can help out his navigator Kent Larson, who’s having problems with his cock popping out of his uniform. Gus helps by fucking him all over the cockpit, even showing Kent a new use for the jump seat.

4. Matthew Rush OgAtb, Rob Romoni OrAbt, Spike (98+) solo
Purser and Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush comes to the aid of passenger Rob Romoni, who is offended by a fellow passenger jacking off. Not quite sure what he means, Rob ends up having to demonstrate to Matthew exactly what the guy was doing. To ensure all passengers have the best possible experience, Matthew helps Rob by first blowing him, then plowing him over a service cart. When Rob’s still not satisfied, Matthew lets Rob to return the favor and fuck his hot muscle ass for the first time on screen!

5. Josh Weston At, Collin O'Neal Ab
As our adventure winds down, we find Josh back in Los Angeles, for a sexy homecoming with boyfriend Collin O’Neal. He shows how much he has missed Collin with some hot sucking and rimming action, blowing his biggest load as Collin fucks him.

2004 Grabby Award Best Videography: Max Phillips
reviews From ManNet

Continued from "Taking Flight: Part 1." Josh Weston and Jason Adonis have a go with each other in the London sex club. Jason goes down on Josh's pink dick right away, deep-throating it with skill. Josh does likewise, then they 69, which has both men eating ass as well as cock. Jason and Josh make for a nice pair, nice contrast of muscle. Josh is smaller, but no less ripped, and they seem to enjoy grabbing and groping each other's muscles as they go about their business. Jason then slams a fuck into Josh, their bodies shiny with sweat as they reach near-simultaneous cum-shots.
In yet another part of the club, a group scene is underway. The men: Maxx Diesel is tall and bald; Christoph Scharff is muscular and fair, Owen Hawk is slender and hung; Troy Rebel is cute and tan; Carlo Cox is super-macho and built; and Mark Bloom, the on-his-knees cocksucker of the group, is handsome and slender. The first part of the scene has Mark going down the line sucking every dick he can get his hands and mouth on. He's eager and a joy to watch do his thing. As the scene progresses, though, the others suck bone and eat ass, the combinations too many to mention. Christoph and Mark bottom for a couple of the guys in the end.
On the flight back to America, in the cockpit, Gus Mattox and Kent Larson have an in-flight suck-and-fuck. Gus really looks the part of the handsome pilot, and bodybuilder Kent Larson just looks great. They trade blows passionately -- the chemistry here is off the charts. Gus rims Kent's tanned booty in preparation for the pounding he's about to give him. Gus fucks Kent in the bucket seats of the cockpit, over them, and every which way but loose. Hot men. Great scene.
Rob Romoni has a problem: a passenger is masturbating in a nearby seat (Spike, in a cameo). Rob stomps off to the galley to complain to flight attendant Matthew Rush. Seemingly inconsolable, Matthew resorts to sex to calm angry Rob. It works. The hunky beefcakes trade slurpy blows and kisses in front of the emergency exit door. Rob then licks and fingers Matthew's hairless butthole as Matthew yelps and groans. Matthew rims Rob, too, and then fucks a bent over Rob for all he's worth. Matthew pulls out and starts jerking his dick to climax. Coitus interruptus! Rob stops Matthew from cumming, twists the big muscle stud around, and fucks the living daylights out of him. Rob hammers into the big muscle-butt like a pro, Matthew shouting out "fuck me" repeatedly. Rob gets on the floor on his back, and Matthew plops down on the dick and rides, heaving his gorgeous ass up and down in what appears to be pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Side by side, they shoot their loads and kiss some more as the plane zooms across the sky. Wow!
Home from his trip, Josh Weston gets all gooey-eyed for his lover, Collin O'Neal. An understandable reaction as Collin is one fine fella, to be sure. He's a hirsute man with a huge dick and perfectly V-shaped physique. In fact, they are both about the same size, except Josh is super smooth and Collin is super hairy. They trade blows, and I don't think I have ever seen Josh in such rapture before as Collin deep-throats his cock. Josh also has a good time rimming Collin's furry asscrack, gnawing at the hole and such with tongue and lips shoved in deep. Collin fucks Josh in various positions on a leather couch, ending with missionary and the cum being fucked out of Josh, Collin spurting his last.
DVD features: Chapters; behind-the-scenes footage (director Chris Steele setting up the various scenes with the cast and crew; and Dean, Josh, Brad and Matthew dancing at a nightclub and goofing around with a fierce drag queen); gallery (candid cast shots and hardcore stills); cast bios (photo, stats and Falcon Family of companies videography); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Butch Harris

From GayVideoDad

Falcon Airlines is back in the air in the second part of the company's blockbuster about horny airline crewmembers and the passengers they service. Director Chris Steele has instilled a nice amount of romance between coworkers back at home from a London flight in this second part. It also features Falcon lifetime exclusive Matthew Rush bottoming oncamera for the first time. Does the big boy get as good as he gives? Let's just say that in case of an emergency water landing, Rush's bubble ass could be turned upside down and used as a flotation device! Yum! In Part One, flight attendant Josh Weston and pilot Jason Adonis flirted on the plane enroute to London. On the ground, Adonis followed Weston and Rush to a London sex club, although Weston wasn't having a good time until he ran into Adonis and they kissed. Will these two hard bodies finally get it on? Well, fasten those seat belts as we return your dicks to an upright position and find out.
Although they both have lovers back at home, Weston and Adonis agree to one kiss and nothing more. But as they continue kissing, the clothes start to come off, and the duo gives into desire. Both studs have incredible bods, with Weston looking and performing better than ever. Adonis starts things out by going down on Weston, who ends up laying on his back, head over the edge of the bed so that he can get his throat royally fucked by Adonis' long cock. Very hot stuff! The pec-tacular pair 69, cocks plunging in and out of mouths, until Weston snakes his tongue past Adonis' balls and up to his shaved hole. That's one fucking hot ass to rim! Weston does a great job spitting on that pink pucker and then digging his tongue in as far as he can. Adonis gets his tongue on Weston's ass for a few seconds before he gets the flight attendant on all fours and starts mounting him. Weston gets piston fucked on all fours and then on his back, taking Adonis' hot cock deep and hard. The fucking is hot as is Weston's cum shot, jacking off while Adonis is still plowing his hole hard. A very hot scene between two gorgeous performers.
On the way out of the sex club, Weston and Adonis pass a group of guys in an alleyway. This group of six guys hangs out in the alley, where they start to get it on with each other. Blond European Mark Bloom sucks every cock that's put in front of his hungry mouth. While there are some nice ones, the hottest one belongs to cute, uncut Owen Hawk. Bloom goes around and sucks everyone twice before the other guys start swapping bj's themselves. Big, bald, handsome Maxx Diesel getting his face fucked by Hawk's mammoth meat is hot, as is the reverse. There's some rimming, and then the guys pair up for fucking, but the action seems staged and doesn't always flow well.
Weston and Adonis walk around London kissing and holding hands before its time for them to be back in the air again. On the plane, Adonis excuses himself from the cockpit while cocaptains Gus Mattox and Kent Larson put the plane on autopilot. Before you can say "friendly skies," Larson is on his knees deep-throating Mattox's thick, veiny bone. There's awesome face-fucking action as Mattox grabs Larson by the back of the head and just pounds away at him. Larson is a super-bottom in the making, gobbling Mattox's hard cock like a true dick pig. Mattox sucks Larson for a few seconds before rimming the attractive bottom's round ass. Larson is incredible. Not only does he look like country singer Tim McGraw, he has rock-hard thighs, awesome abs and a beautiful butt. And when he gets that hot hole rammed he just begs for more! A very hot scene with a consummate top and a cock hog bottom.
Poor Rob Romoni. He's trying to enjoy his flight back to the States, but Spike is sitting across the aisle from him stroking his foot-long boner. Outraged, Romoni goes to the flight attendant cabin and complains to an obviously horny Rush. After a hilarious exchange, Romoni pulls down his pants to show Rush what has happening back in the plane. Rush takes the opportunity to drop to his knees and gulp down on Romoni's thick, curved cock. Romoni's bad mood goes away as he face-fucks Rush. Rush strips out of his uniform and is soon feeding Romoni an on-flight snack of big, thick cock. The muscular studs then rim each other before Rush bends Romoni over the countertop and fucks him silly. Rush really knows how to throw a fuck, but when he starts to cum, Romoni stops him and bends him over the countertop instead. After some sexy dry humping, Romoni busts Rush's onscreen cherry and forces his upturned cock between Rush's muscle cheeks. Rush stays rock-hard while getting his ass pounded and looks incredible as he squats up and down on Romoni's rod. In the end, both studs jack their loads onto Rush's abs and pecs. Rush certainly doesn't disappoint in this sizzling scene.
Rush sees Adonis and Weston talking on the plane, agreeing that their fling was a one-time thing. When Weston gets home to his boyfriend, Collin O'Neal, he doesn't tell him anything about what happened in London. Lucky bastard or cheating dog -- you decide! But decide quickly, because O'Neal and Weston start making out on the couch right away. Weston plays with his hairy pecs while O'Neal goes down on Weston's hard-on. Weston soon gets a throat full of O'Neal's hairy boner, while O'Neal's fingers do some walking and poking around Weston's hole. The couple then goes into a rimming 69 until both holes are shiny with spit, but it's Weston's pucker that gets attacked by O'Neal's thick bone. O'Neal pounds away with nice long strokes, spanking his boyfriend's ass along the way. Weston goes cock wild as he sits on that gorgeous cock and pounds his own ass on it. What a difference between Weston only a year ago and now in this video! He has really cut loose and looks like he's enjoying the hell out of it. If it's possible, the fucking between these two is even hotter than the first scene with Adonis as O'Neal fucks a load out of Weston and then sprays his jizz all over him as well. Alternating between passionate and animalistic, this is one hot fuck!
Other than the group alley scene, every scene in Part Two is awesome. And while this is Rush's history-making video and Adonis' first big time at Falcon, this video really belongs to Weston. He has never looked better or more comfortable in front of the camera. And when he lets loose, look out! The other standout performer is Larson -- a true star in the making! The DVD doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but more than the usual Falcon offering. There's a great behind-the-scenes segment that shows how they use all the realistic plane settings (cockpit, bathroom, etc). You also get to see director Steele giving direction to the cast and then some great footage of the cast sightseeing in London and then performing onstage there. Overall, a great two-parter and a great Falcon debut for Steele.

- Ryan Williams
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