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Iconmale Pack 2

CategoryDaddies / Sons
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DescriptionFootball Hero
Studio Name:  Mile High Media  Iconmale  | Running Time: 83 minutes  |  Released:  09/2014

Director:  Nica Noelle

Stars:  Ty Roderick  Alexander Greene  Brandon Wilde  Aiden Summers  Jamie Sanders  Trenton Ducati 

Categories: Feature  Muscles  International  Jocks  Anal  Safe Sex  High Definition

Video Format: AVI

Description:  Hot brooding football hero Ty Rodderick decides to come out of the closet just as football season begins, causing his teammates to bully him on the field. But do their mean spirited jokes mask their own gay desires? Brandon Wilde and Alex Greene’s aggressive horseplay turns to lust in the showers, while jacked team doctor Trenton Ducati uses the boys’ secret tryst to his advantage with Brandon. Meanwhile, Ty can’t take the pressure of being the outcast, so he lets off some steam with pretty young things Aiden Summers and Jamie Sanders. Christian X costars in a non-sex role as the no-nonsense football coach.

Forbidden Encounters 3
Studio Name:  Mile High Media  Iconmale  | Running Time: 115 minutes  |  Released:  05/2015

Director:  Nica Noelle

Stars:    Brendan Patrick  Nick Capra  Connor Maguire  Dirk Caber  Jessie Colter  J.D. Phoenix  Billy Santoro

Categories: New Release  Feature  Mature  Muscles  International  Anal  Safe Sex  DILF  High Definition

Video Format: MP4

Description:  Secret sexual trysts between men continue in volume 3 of Icon Male's Forbidden Encounters. Daddy Dirk Caber lusts for his friend's young son Connor Maguire and they meet up for a secret marathon sex session. Pretty young JD Phoenix grows up to see his former babysitter Brendan Patrick in a new light. Jessie Colter finds God and tries to go straight but hot, muscular Billy Santoro has other ideas, and Nick Capra gently leads Brendan Patrick through his first experience with gay sex.

Forgive Me Father
Studio Name:  Mile High Media  Iconmale  | Running Time: 110 minutes  |  Released:  07/2014

Director:  Nica Noelle

Stars:  Nick Capra  Tommy Defendi  Ty Roderick  Trenton Ducati  Armond Rizzo  Lance Hart

Categories: Feature  Muscles  International  Anal  Safe Sex  High Definition

Video Format: MP4

Description:  In Volume 1 of this emotional new series we take you inside a priest's confessional, where guilt ridden parishioners beg for forgiveness for their sins of the flesh. From guilt ridden teacher (Nick Capra) who fals in love with troubled, young student (Armand Rizzo), to former priest (Lance Hart) who left the church when his desire for parishioner Tommy Defendi became too much to bear. We also find devoted husband (Trenton Ducati) plagued by shameful lust for his hot young brother in law (Seth Santoro), and young swaggering soldier (Ty Roderick)who unexpectedly falls for "pretty boy" Casey Tanner. Real sex, real positions, real orgasms, no dissolves. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.

Gay Massage House
Studio Name:  Mile High Media  Iconmale  | Running Time: 118 minutes  |  Released:  11/2014

Director:  Nica Noelle

Stars:  Adam Russo  Brandon Wilde  Josh Pierce  Cliff Jenson  Trenton Ducati  Mike De Marco

Categories: Muscles  International  Anal  Safe Sex  High Definition  Massage

Video Format: MP4

Description:  Icon Male takes you inside a special massage parlor, where closeted men can finally indulge in the gay sex they crave. Brent Corrigan is an all American football hero who secretly yearns for another man's touch, so smooth daddy Adam Russo gives the frustrated stud what he needs. Uptight, geeky actor Josh Pierce gets a royal opening from hot, hung muscleman Trenton Ducati, and arrogant musician Cliff Jensen gives in to beautiful Brandon Wilde
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