Titan - service Trade - dvd quality

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Cast: Jon Galt, Owen Hawk, Danny Vox, Rick Pantera, Ben Jakks, Dante Foxx, Joe Foster, Alex Leon, Rick Rivera, Jace Hunter, Matthew York

Do you like a handsome businessman with a huge hard-on hanging out of his suit pants? Or a calloused, sweaty and slightly dangerous workman with a big bulge in his jeans? Service Trade has both, pairing well-heeled execs with rough, tattooed, pierced, and P.A.-ed tradesmen in four full half-hour scenes. Joe Foster is a hotel doorman caught sniffing the sweaty jock strap of hard-bodied guest Ben Jakks who delivers a punishing, gut-wrenching fuck to his errant servant boy. Angel-eyed young stud muffin Danny Vox checks out a construction site and winds up deep tonguing hardhat Rick Rivera's prodigious foreskin through a bathroom glory hole. When sultry Dante Foxx enters the scene unannounced, Vox gets relentlessly double-fucked, jolting the jiz outta his ever-hard cock. Electrician Rick Pantera screws clean-cut-looking junior exec Owen Hawke, who later turns nasty and flips Pantera on his belly for a hard-punching fuck. To sweeten a deal, burly, silver-haired power broker Jace Hunter offers his sex slave Jon Galt to topman Alex Leon, spawning a leather-clad threesome where the two power-hungry bosses share the bounty of Galt's wet, welcoming hole. There's some swell bonus content, too -- horny photo shoots, revealing director's commentary, and even a taste of water sports. You'll be well serviced by Service Trade.
2020-06-30 20:39:24
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