Riain Paradise- Slave Endures 24 Hours of Pure Brutality

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I come home and see Riain still bound where I left him 13 hours ago. His neck is tightly bound to the ceiling, and the poor thing was left standing all night. He had no release. No food, and no water. I know... I am such a bitch. I love it. I come in and Riain looks exhausted. I taunt him for awhile, and then decide to strip him down to his boxers and to hogtie him on the couch. Riain struggles but knows he must listen to the ultimate dom. He knows I expect subservience at all times. Once I get Riain tied on the couch nice and tightly I taunt him some more. I make my slave kiss my feet. Then I sit on him like he's nothing but a piece of furniture. I need to liven things up and I spank him hard. I also take my heels when I am sitting on him and trample his back for a few seconds. I know my shoes are so sharp. I kick him, and ask him how he'd feel if I stuck the high heel of my shoe in his ass. Riain is tape gagged, and played with some more. He can do nothing but be my little toy. He is there for my pleasure, and my pleasure alone. Poor Riain he still has 12 more hours of unending bdsm fun coming straight at him. Looks like he won't be getting any sleep tonight. My poor slave.. to bad I have no sympathy for my tormented slave. I remind him how lucky he is to be able to be of service to me, and he suddenly perks back up. I leave him there struggling and tied. Just like a good slave deserves. See you in the mornin' slave!!
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