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Luiz and Sean
January 13, 2009
Sean gets his fill of hot cock with Luiz filling all his needs. After a little dck swabbing and ass eating, Luiz teases Sean's hole with his fuck pole from every possible angle, until Sean begs for a good pounding.

Austin Shadow & Scott Land
January 27, 2009
Massive cocked TOP man Austin Shadow pounds submissive bottom Scott Land in his only porn performance with TIM. Watch Austin swallow all of Scott's dick to perfection. When Austin's plowing becomes too much for Scott he flips him over makes him beg for his man meat. See this bottom being talked through taking one of the biggest dicks he's ever had.

Dan Fisk & Ari
February 12, 2009
Ari sets the pace by eagerly polishing the head of Dan Fisk's beautiful cock, showing his fascination with the impressive schlong. Dan takes control of the action next, giving Ari the rimming of his life as he moans in ecstasy. Then Dan seals the deal, slowly burying his massive cock to the hilt, venturing deep into Ari's hungry manhole and grinds it like the transmission on a '57 Chevy.

Austin Shadow, Jed & Moonboy
February 24, 2009
Austin Shadow tag teams Moonboy with hung top Jed Pisston. Both Moonboy's holes get filled to perfection over and over. This one has plenty of ATM with Austin rimming Moonboy's mancunt and Jed using his spit to lube his dick. This is a full 25 minutes of serious man on man on man fucking and sucking.

Jerry Stearns and Osian
March 16, 2009
This scene opens with Jerry Stearns challenging Osian to a show of his oral skills. Osian rises to the challenge and polishes Jerry's hefty sword with abandon. Jerry quickly decides to plunder the treasure between Osian's cheeks, fingering that bung-hole aggressively while Osian begs for , satisfaction...and Jerry provides it, putting considerable muscle into the effort. There's lots of ball-slapping action as we see Osian give up the very best booty around. What adventurer wouldn't want to cast off with these guys? Each is getting the best bang of his life! At the climax, Jerry fires his mighty cannon, pushing every last inch of his dick into Osian's quivering ass until he is forced over the edge, and the very first pearl of semen flows!

Ari and Buck
March 24, 2009
Hardly a word is spoken in the meeting between these two studs. Ari is on all fours while ass-obsessed Buck rims him, priming his hole for some world-class anal attention. Next, Buck slides his thumb into the receptive ass to ramp up the bottom boy's anticipation., , Ari can't wait to sit on Buck's dick. He sure likes it deep! He impales himself again and again. Lost in pleasure, Ari is left speechless., , This marathon man-fuck just goes on and on! Buck uses his cock to the max in this scene. Just when you think he can't cram more of it into Ari's hole, he changes position for better leverage and really slams it home. Buck works his piston vigorously, churning up Ari's insides with intensity., , They keep up the pace until Buck busts his nut, but the action doesn't stop there. He intensely tongues Ari's freshly-creamed hole and fingers it before giving him one more fuck, just for good measure!

Dan Fisk & Beef
April 22, 2009
There's no doubt who's in charge when Dan Fisk gets to have his way with his own side of "Beef-cake." Dan is a sexed up man-handler who knows how to bring out the filthiest in a boy. Beef immediately shows he knows his place; suckin' on Dan's glorious piece of man meat.Intent on boning some prime ass, Dan gets down to the business at hand. Beef is on his back in an instant, and Dan begins to plow that ass the way only he can. Flat out, full force fucking is what it's all about. Dan literally lifts Beef with the power of his thrusts. These guys should be in a circus, fucking in almost every conceivable position. This isn't a quick "pump and dump" scene. Dan uses his manly muscle to take Beef on the dick-filled thrill ride of his life. It takes over 15 minutes for the scene to reach its climax, and it is worth the wait! Dan pounds the jizz out of Beef before letting loose a torrent of his own stud-juice and then continues to bang that hole a while, for extra measure, until his cock and balls are completely drained.

Cory and Thomas
May 19, 2009
Military man Thomas is on leave and is looking for one good man. He ditches his pals and spots surfer-boy Cory, who is all for supporting our men in, uniform. In fact, he's even thinking of enlisting...if the rumors he has heard are true. Thomas decides to take him back to the hotel room for a little, R & R (rimming and riding). , , First Thomas gives Cory a good taste of service life... his dick! Enjoying the oral attention, Thomas eagerly primes the boy's hole for "maneuvers". He then mounts a frenzied attack on Cory's bung-hole, rimming him expertly before using his favorite weapon. Thomas tickles Cory's tonsils the hard way; through his ass! He deftly breaches the bottom's "perimeter" and unleashes an awesome anal assault that is right on target., , Cory voices his enthusiasm as Thomas finds his prostate. "Explore up there... there ya go!", he pleads to his superior., , "You want that fuckin' load up your hole?" Thomas replies. Thomas already knows the answer to that question, he just gets off on the dirty talk!, , Thomas works with single-minded determination toward the successful completion of his mission. Finally, he strokes his gun until it is ready to shoot. He waits until he's right at the edge, and then plunges his dick back into Cory to deliver his steamy pay-load. Not a drop is wasted as Cory's well-indoctrinated asshole is flooded with cum., , As a final salute, Cory tastes his own ass on Thomas' schlong and shares the flavor with a kiss.

David and Chuck
June 2, 2009
In a sling and blindfolded, David is ready for anything---including the immediate teasing his hole gets from Chuck's fingers. There's no doubt what David wants: even without sight, he homes in on Chuck's meaty cock right away, putting a spit-shine on every inch. But he's not the only one with a talented tongue! Chuck rims David's asshole before the plowing begins. Once the main attraction starts, David lets his pleasure be known with groans and sighs while Chuck, pants around his ankles, administers the hot beef injection. A steady pace and uniform thrusts make Chuck a human fucking-machine. Like that famous bunny, he keep going, and going, and going. You can almost feel Chuck's curved cock slide through David's fuck chute., , Things switch up with more oral action as David's nipples get a brief workout---but both men are already headed for the bang-up finish. As David pulls his own pud, Chuck erupts in a spectacular spray of cum, the drops glistening against David's skin. Chuck rams it home once again as David strokes out a load of his own. Before the scene reaches its conclusion, David gets another taste of Chuck's trouser-snake, as well as a sample of his own spunk.

Dan Fisk and Drew
June 16, 2009
Busy executive Dan Fisk is travelling and doesn't have time to waste in the bars. He wants immediate gratification, so he has a guy sent up from room service."What I want is not on the menu," he explains. Handsome Drew is willing to oblige as he attends to the needs of Dan's "growing staff." His commitment to service is tested when Dan wants more, throwing him onto the bed and eating the boy's ass. Dan fucks Drew with the vigor of a man who is always in control, yet compelled by his most basic desires. He proves that he's just as powerful in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom. And as for Drew, he only confirms the hotel's motto, "The guest comes first."

Dan Fisk and Hans
June 19, 2009
Very few bottoms can match DAN FISK's intense energy as he fucks. HANS wrote to T.I.M. begging to get fucked by DAN as he has been a long time fan and wanted nothing more than to be bred by his thick cock. When the two meet, HANS shows his own prowess as he milks DAN's cock like there's no tomorrow, finally getting the load he's dreamed of deep in his gut.

Dan Fisk and James Roscoe
June 30, 2009
When you see the TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA logo tattooed on a guy, you know he's an intense fucker, committed to breeding men. DAN FISK is no exception---and when he meets up with new exclusive JAMES ROSCOE, their suck-and-fuck encounter explodes with raw, physical intensity. DAN's tattoo inspires JAMES to inhale his thick cock, swallowing everything DAN gives him. Not to be outdone, DAN gives JAMES a deep, thorough dicking and JAMES rides that renowned fuck stick until DAN shoots a load deep inside him. But the scene doesn't end there...

Mannie and Derek
July 14, 2009
Sometimes the connection between two guys is so obvious they don't need to tell you, or each other, how deeply they feel it. When DEREK ANTHONY dropped by our offices and saw MANNIE waiting for his casting appointment, he told us right then and there that he wanted to be the one to break MANNIE in with his own mammoth cock. So we took the two to a local hotel where they stripped down immediately. MANNIE, ecstatic at the chance to milk out a thick load from DEREK, went straight for his cock. There's almost no talking or sound in this one, because these two fuckers know *exactly* what the other one wants.

Chuck and Dino
July 29, 2009
The only thing between these fuckers is raging desire. After CHUCK gives DINO the royal treatment with a rim-job fit for a king, he drills DINO deeply, taking his time as the hungry cock-slut begs for more. Even after CHUCK shoots his load, he's not through with DINO's sweet ass: he spreads those buns and puts his talented tongue to work once again, before sharing his fuck juice with DINO in a tender kiss.

CJ Michaels and Will
August 12, 2009
Talk about animal attraction! CJ's meat looks like a banquet to Will, who slurps and swallows as if it were the last dick on earth. But that's not enough for the insatiable cum-hound Will; he's aching for a deep-dicking, and CJ is just the guy to give it to him. As they urge each other on with grunts and groans, Will impales himself on that throbbing fuck-stick and rides it like there's no tomorrow. When CJ's jizz comes flooding out of Will's bung-hole in mid-stroke, there can be no doubt both guys have been thoroughly satisfied.

Mike and Bryan
August 23, 2009
At first it looks like blonde Mike is going to service Bryan, the hot brunette in this scene, but appearances can be deceiving. Mike gets the action started by deftly playing the skin-flute and then rimming Bryan's fine ass. Next, Bryan shows that he can give as good as he takes, paying special attention to Mike's nut-sack. Before you know it, Mike takes charge of Bryan's tight manhole, fingering it to loosen it up a bit. When he plunges his thick member into the quivering warmth, Bryan can only groan with pleasure as he is repeatedly impaled by the thick cock. These guys really know how to fuck! Playing with his own impressive joystick, Bryan unleashes his load on his own stomach, while Mike continues to give him the hot beef injection. Soon it is Mike's turn to cum and the man-milk is flowing once again. Spent but not satiated, he laps up Bryan's goo for good measure.

Felcher's Initiation
September 23, 2009
This scene is a scorcher! Mark Dixon is the center of attention as his ass is bred by man after man in this tag-team pump and dump marathon. New T.I.M. Exclusive James Roscoe also gets his share of the spotlight: Taking clean-up duty, he eagerly licks and slurps up everyone's joy-juice between the frenzied bouts of fucking. With five guys going at a more-than-willing Mark so energetically, James can barely catch his breath as the jism flows. Never to be outdone, James finally seals the deal with some deep dickin' and spooge of his own.

Keer and Dino
October 7, 2009
Keer takes full control of Dino in this near 20 minute fuck fest. First he rims Dino a bit--lots of spit makes for a smooth ride! When he gets down to business, Keer buries his bone leisurely; there's no hurry, just a steady, measured pace as he drills deep, giving Dino every inch of his impressive dong. , , This scene has it all: fucking, felching, and even some shrimping action: Keer doesn't miss a stroke while he simultaneously licks and sucks every part of Dino's foot., , To the rhythm of an unheard Bolero, Keer lays some major pipe. Then he picks up the pace, using some sideways "English" to hit the neglected parts of Dino's greedy cum-trap., , Flipped over onto his stomach, Dino clutches the blanket in an effort to withstand the intense anal assault. Hungry for this exceptional hole, Keer pushes his tongue into the gamey warmth again, much to the delight of the bearded bottom. , , Dino is certainly up to the challenge, not only withstanding the relentless probing of Keer's love-muscle, but fuckin' reveling in it. With such inspiration, Keer shoots his gooey load--and then plunges his dick back in until he has emptied his balls completely. Grateful for the ride, Dino shows his appreciation by sucking Keer's dripping tool and swapping even more spit with his dominator.

5 P.M. Fuck
October 26, 2009
Sometimes two guys make a connection during a shoot and just can't seem to get enough of each other. It happened with Sean Hunter and Trey Maddox in Slurpin' Jizz 2, so we put them together again in Bone Deep. But that still wasn't enough for these fuck aficionados: when Trey begged us to put him on the receiving end of a deep double-dickin', he specifically asked that one of the meat-hammers be Sean's. We'd never get in the way of sexual chemistry, so we gave Trey what he wanted and so do Sean and BJ Slater, as they join forces to fill Trey with cock and cum. Add hung 'n' hunky Derek Anthony into the mix and you get an all-out, nut-busting orgy scene.

Brad McGuire and Jay Ross
October 27, 2009
JAY ROSS, exclusive T.I.M. bottom, knows how to milk a load out of the biggest cocks and the roughest tops. That said, BRAD MCGUIRE still pushed him to his limits with that thick veiny cock as he make Ross whimper like a rawfuck virgin., , It's official: MCGUIRE's monster meat makes even the most experienced bottoms weak after just one balls-deep breeding session.

Austin Shadow and Jason
November 3, 2009
The action in this scene is so vivid, you almost feel it. Austin Shadow shows his virtuosity to full advantage as he takes lucky Jason Tyler on the thrill-ride of his life. These studs start by jacking-off, but before long the sex gets much, much hotter. Jason sucks Austin's cock as if it were the last one on the planet. Soon he feels self-compelled to offer his ass for exploration. Austin wastes no time in sampling the bottom's quivering butt, pushing his tongue deep into the eager hole. Next Austin raises the intensity several notches as he gives Jason what he craves; a long, hard cock. From that moment on, Jason is in the complete control of a consummate top. Austin alternately fucks him silly and then returns to rim him back to his senses. He sucks Jason's dick and licks up every drop of sperm that the bottom spills. He taunts Jason's hole with his tongue only to replace it with his thick shaft again and again. Just when you think you have seen all of his tricks, Austin deftly folds himself in half and sucks his own dick! His lips dance across his cock-head as he gets yet another taste of Jason's well-fucked hole. Then his focus returns to Jason, who barely has time to catch his breath before Austin lays into him again. When Austin shoots his wad, both men are left spent and satisfied.

Dylan and Austin Shadow
November 10, 2009
Master cocksman Austin Shadow is paired with brooding Dylan in an intense match of wills. Dylan claims Austin's schlong as his own right from the start, swallowing the thick shaft down to the root. Austin responds by taking absolute ownership of the bottom's hole. There's no doubt that Austin means business as he drills into Dylan's innards, going balls-deep with every thrust. Having demonstrated who is in charge of what, Austin changes the pace and eats the hole he has just thoroughly loosened up. He soon feels the need to plow Dylan some more, and Dylan is subjected to additional anal plundering. As Austin jacks himself to climax, the jizm spills directly into Dylan's open fuck-chute. Unable to resist, Austin plunges back in to milk the last few drops of goo into the Dylan's warmth. When he sees a lasting pearl of semen on his own dick, Austin slurps it up himself in an awesome display of flexibility. Satiated, Austin then concentrates on coaxing the spunk out of Dylan, fingering him to release and eagerly licking up his reward.

Alan Gangbang
November 18, 2009
Virtuoso cumwhore Alan begins by playing a solo on two skin-flutes, before presenting his hole for inspection to the four-man gang he's about to take on. , , First up is Jake. His thrusts are quick and sharp; his focus intense. After squeezing out his load, Jake re-inserts his cock where it will be most appreciated--even as Jim makes his way into Alan's man-hole. Jim fucks as if in a trance and soon delivers a flood of jizm to that hungry fuck-tunnel. With Alan showing no signs of tiring, bearded Peder moves into position for more ass-drilling. The sound of his own balls slapping against Alan's skin sends Peder into orbit. His ejaculation is so forceful that he is nearly ejected from Alan's asshole., , Finally Cole steps up, laying pipe from behind while Alan mouths Peder's dong. Driven to distraction as Cole plows his ass with long strokes and provides deep and thorough penetration, Alan can barely hold his concentration. When Cole busts his nut inside Alan's gut, he steps back and allows Jake to felch the remaining spooge from its dark, hairy resting place. Still longing for cock, the insatiable Alan couldn't be happier to find Cole's dick up for more attention

Jayce and Mark
December 2, 2009
Jayce and Mark provide hot fuck and suck action with feeling! Mark?s craving for cock is genuine. He takes Jayce's dick all the way down to the root while Jayce explores his butt-hole with a finger or two. These guys are really getting into each other. They tongue-wrestle for a while as the bond between them grows. Given more access to Mark's ass, Jayce soon begins to plow the bottom's eager hole. He rides until he can no longer control his urge to cum... and he does just that, right onto Mark's ass. They go on to indulge in some light nipple play and more kissing before Mark milks the goo out of his own cock and licks up the tasty load.


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